The Best Things To Buy In July

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It’s July! As you gear up for Independence Day celebrations, it’s time to buckle up for even more deals. From furniture to tools to last-minute travel and even ice cream: there’s a sweet deal for you to snag this month. So let’s jump right in!

1. Furniture


Now’s the time to spruce up your living room with a new sofa set or buy some snazzy new deck chairs to lounge on! Hopefully, the summer air has you in a chipper mood. If not, it’s also the perfect time to spend a few hours shopping in an air-conditioned warehouse. Furniture stores usually have clearance sales in July (and January), offloading their inventory before bringing in the next season’s styles.

2. Paint


Similarly, now is the time to repaint your garden shed or your trim to a fresh, bright color. Places like Lowe’s offer varying discounts on paint, usually for at least 10-15 percent off. Recruit some kids to help — they’ve got nothing to do all summer, and maybe you can Tom Sawyer them into painting your fence!

3. Back-To-School Supplies


Just because you’re not in school anymore doesn’t mean you can’t cash out on these sales for your own WFH office supplies. Pick up stationery items like notebooks, binders, and pens. Even a backpack or a laptop (although those sales are closer to late July and early August). Oh, and don’t forget about back-to-school deals at Staples and Office Depot!

4. Tools


There are always big sales on tools before Father’s Day. But in July, retail stores will further discount anything that didn’t sell to make way for new merchandise. Tell your dad to spend that Home Depot gift card now — or take the chance to pick up some essential tools that you should always have, such as a wrench, screwdriver set, claw hammer, and tape measure.

5. Gym Memberships


Everyone’s heading outside to play some outdoor sports or surf the waves. That means it’s a great time to avoid the crowds and snatch up a great deal on a gym membership. Many gyms reduce monthly rates or new member fees in the summer, hoping to offset their losses. Plus, starting a new gym schedule now means that it’ll be a habit for you by wintertime—when it’s harder to work up that New Year’s motivation.

6. Impulse Travel Plans


By that, I don’t mean plane tickets. But hotels will often offer steep discounts last minute to fill empty rooms. Just call up a few hotels (big chains like Marriot might have a more challenging time being flexible) and inquire about next week’s availability. If you get lucky, it’s time for a road trip!

7. Ice Cream


National Ice Cream Day is July 16th! Hot tip: Lots of local creameries give out free ice cream cones on that day, so scope your favorite ice cream store’s social pages or call ahead to score a sweet treat and maybe discover your new favorite flavor!

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