13 Travel Accessories You Need For Your Next Trip

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As the old proverb goes, “life’s a journey, not a destination,” so cherish every moment. While that sounds nice, it doesn’t really apply to travel.
Between packing, airport security, baggage claim, and all the other quirks of travel, sometimes it can feel like more trouble than it’s worth. That’s why we put together this list of essential travel accessories that can help make life easier when you’re on the go.

1. S-Zone Baggage Tags

Baggage claim at any airport can be chaos, but baggage tags can make your life way easier. For just $6.45, you can get a pair of these S-Zone leather tags to put on your luggage and make sure you’ll never lose your bags. They’re sleek, stylish, durable, and come in seven different colors. These tags are must-have for frequent travelers.

2. PASCAOO Leather Passport Holder

If you travel internationally often, this leather passport holder is the perfect way to keep your important documents safe. Not only is your passport vital for travel and hard to replace, but it’s sensitive too. In addition to this holder’s style, it can also prevent any potential damage to your passport that might make it unusable. The leather comes in 10 colors and features an RFID blocking shield that ensures none of your personal information is at risk.

3. Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Knowing the weight of your bag can save you a hundred bucks at check-in if you find out your bag is too heavy to carry on. This simple, portable luggage scale can really help you out in a pinch when you’re packing and make your life easier. It can accurately weigh bags up to 110 pounds, and only weighs 0.1 pounds itself so you can store it easily. It’s perfect for international trips when you plan to bring home tons of souvenirs so you can quickly check if your bag is overweight.

4. Lewis N. Clark Luggage Lock

While this extendable, 30-inch lock can be used to secure anything, it’s perfect for keeping all your bags together while traveling. The padlock is TSA approved, meaning you’ll have no extra trouble at security. What makes this such a great purchase is how versatile this stainless steel cable is. Most items on this list are exclusively for traveling, but this lock can do just about anything you need it to. For instance, it makes a great bike lock and can even serve as an innovative keychain.

5. Gonex Compression Packing Cubes

Packing is one of the most stressful parts of traveling, but these Gonex compression cubes help remove some of the burden. These expandable, nylon cubes keep your luggage as tightly packed as possible so you can maximize your bag space. The cubes come in sets of three — with a small, medium and large — and in 20 different colors. Plus, when the compression cubes aren’t in your luggage, you can use them around the house to save space.

6. Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag

Space is everything when you’re trying to pack everything you need before a trip, and this Mossio Toiletry Bag has a lot of space to offer. This compact polyester kit features seven open pockets and three zippered compartments, all in a space smaller than 8 inches by 4 inches. Attached to the bag is a hanger for easy, hands-free access when you need to find a q-tip or toothbrush in a hurry. Plus, this functional bag is fashionable as well, coming in 16 different designs.

7. Herschel Travel Kit

If you want something a little more simple for your toiletries, this Herschel Travel Kit is a basic, yet very high-quality solution. The bag is the perfect size to pack any travel essentials, and the Amazon reviews are stellar. One reviewer noted, “Sounds silly but I genuinely get excited every time I am able to use this. Overall, it continues to be a great experience and I probably would gift this to someone as well.”

Plus, the Herschel Kit comes in 26 different colors and three sizes, so no matter your style or needs you’ll find the perfect bag for you.

8. DIOMMEL Travel Shoe Bags

If you travel for business, there’s nothing worse than opening your luggage at your destination and finding the nice shoes you packed got scuffed in your bag. These DIOMMEL Travel Shoe Bags are the solution. The 17.3- bt 12.6-inch containers are large enough to fit most footwear, and protect your shoes from scuffs, dings, or dust. The bags are sold as a 12-pack for $11, and you can use them to store just about anything. It’s likely you’ll never travel with 12 pairs of shoes at once, so your leftover bags can hold makeup, toiletries, or clothes too.

9. AMMAX Travel Bottles

One of the hassles of flying is trying to get any liquids – shampoos, moisturizers, sunscreen, etc – through security so you can have them on the flight and avoid spending money on more when you land. These AMMAX Silicon Bottles can help you avoid the headache. For $8, you get a four-pack of 3-ounce, TSA approved tubes that you can use to store any liquids while traveling. The bottles are leakproof, but the wide mouth allows you to easily dispense thick liquids when needed. Out of nearly 1,100 Amazon reviews, these bottles earned more than 800 five-star ratings.

10. MAGEFY 3-Piece Cosmetic Bags

These multifunctional cosmetic bags are worth owning in general, but they’re perfect for frequent travelers. For $15, you get three bags, each with different sizes for different uses. There’s a larger storage bag, a mid-sized makeup container, and a smaller travel bag to use on the go.

One Amazon reviewer said: “The bags range in size and shape but each one is big enough to not smash my makeup brushes so that’s a huge plus! It is seriously such an excellent value for the money!”

11. Samsonite Magic Pillow

Planes are usually cramped, loud, and uncomfortable. Sleeping is hard enough as is, and even if your airline distributes pillows they usually aren’t comfortable. That’s why the Samsonite Magic Pillow is a lifesaver. The lightweight, ergonomic cushion is designed to limit stress on your neck and shoulders so you can rest or sleep painlessly.

One reviewer wrote, “I wish this pillow had enough stars for a rating of 10! Such a soft pillow and I love that it can be used as a neck pillow or small pillow.” The next challenge is resting your eyes, but we have you covered there too.

12. Bucky Eye Mask

This comfortable, contoured eye mask can help you drift off to sleep anywhere, but it can be a lifesaver when you need some shut-eye on a long flight. The design shuts out any light but doesn’t put pressure on your face. That means you won’t feel uncomfortable, you can blink freely, and your makeup won’t look smeared when you wake up. Plus, this mask comes in 34 colors.

13. ORB Luggage Strap

Traveling with multiple bags can be a pain – both mentally and physically. This ORB Travel Strap can help lighten your load. It’s perfect if you already have a wheeled bag so you can clip any extra luggage and roll through the airport easily. Plus, these ORB designer straps come in 31 unique, colorful designs, meaning you’re less likely to ever lose your luggage. The colors really pop, so your bags will be easy to spot at baggage claim too.

According to one reviewer: “Not only is it strong and useful and secure, all great qualities that I’d expect, but it also makes my life a lot easier. That is worth its weight in gold.”