Unlock A Free Travel Adventure When You Buy A New Volvo

Besides buying a new car this year, why not combine that thrilling new purchase with the excitement of a European getaway?

This is precisely what Volvo offers with its Overseas Delivery Program. This innovative approach to buying lets you enjoy a new car and snag a free vacation to Sweden in the process.

But why is the famous car company doing this?

Let’s dive into the details of this unique program and see how it could reshape the future of car buying!

The Volvo Overseas Delivery Program Explained

The Volvo Overseas Delivery Program is a fun offer for anyone buying a new custom Volvo.

After you confirm the order at your local dealer and pay a $3,000 deposit, you’ll be eligible for a free trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. You’ll experience the brand’s heritage through this trip by visiting its headquarters. It also gives you a chance to experience Sweden’s culture personally!

Why Is Volvo Doing This?

With more competition and changing marketing methods, many brands, including Volvo, are going the extra mile to stand out and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

That said, the company aims to transform a routine car purchase into a memorable journey through its exclusive travel experiences.

This approach reflects the company’s effort to vibe with younger customers who value experiences as much as if not more than, the products themselves.

Features Of The Overseas Delivery Program

Volvo’s Overseas Delivery Program is a unique fusion of luxury travel and car purchasing. Here are some of the comprehensive features it offers once you sign up:

1. Plane Tickets
Your journey begins with round-trip airfare for two to Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo’s birth city.
The company collaborates with top airline partners to ensure a comfortable round-trip travel experience. This includes priority boarding, exclusive security line access, premium seating, and even a personal concierge who will help you design your trip.

2. Hotel Accommodations & VIP Car Delivery
Once you land in Gothenburg, you’ll be whisked away to a handpicked hotel in the city center, complemented by an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of the city.

If you weren’t already impressed, you’d also have a VIP delivery of your new Volvo by a Factory-trained Delivery Specialist! This personalized interaction with your new vehicle adds a special touch to your purchase.

3. A Trip Around Gothenburg & More
While in Gothenburg, Volvo encourages you to explore the city’s cultural and historical landmarks. This includes a guided tour of the Volvo factory, the Gothenburg Isles, and even other parts of Scandinavia. It blends the brand’s automotive history and Nordic adventure, offering a trip you’ll always remember.

4. Hassle-Free Home Shipment Of Your New Volvo
At the end of your adventure, Volvo will ship your new car back to your local retailer. This process ensures a stress-free Euro trip, with your new Volvo waiting for you at home!

Is This The Future of Car Buying?

Volvo’s innovative program may be a small step into the future of the automobile industry. It reflects a growing trend in consumer behavior that puts experiences over mere transactions.

Volvo’s Overseas Delivery Program could set a trend for other car manufacturers if it takes off. It won’t be surprising to see brands offer similar experiences that give “test drive” a new meaning!

The Bottom Line

Volvo’s Overseas Delivery Program is a groundbreaking approach in the automotive industry. It transforms traditional car-buying into a fun journey that blends history, culture, and luxury.

If you’re considering a new car, Volvo’s program offers that plus the trip of a lifetime. In a world where experiences are everything, Volvo shows that even something as simple as buying a car can be an adventure!

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