WeatherPromise Review: Turn Your Rainy Travel Days into Cash

Vacations are supposed to be a time to kick back and relax. Unfortunately, bad weather can rear its ugly head and ruin the fun.

If you travel a lot, you’ve probably had some trips wrecked by rainy days. But with a platform like WeatherPromise, you can take control of your vacation and keep the bad weather to a minimum.

Let’s review this platform’s details and see how to use it for your next adventure!

How WeatherPromise Works

WeatherPromise is a no-brainer way to safeguard your trip from too many rainy days. It handles the forecasting, tracking, and payments so you can focus on having an awesome time.

Here’s a simple overview of how WeatherPromise works to protect your next vacation:

  • Enter your upcoming trip details – dates, location, etc.
  • Their AI algorithm makes a weather forecast just for your trip. It studies real-time weather data to make the prediction.
  • WeatherPromise presents you with a rain guarantee for your trip, with a cash payout amount if they miss the forecast.
  • You pay a fee to activate the guarantee and then head off on your adventure.
  • When you return, WeatherPromise automatically checks if it rained more than predicted during your trip.
  • If they got the weather forecast wrong, WeatherPromise deposits up to $10,000 into your account!

Key Benefits of WeatherPromise

Using WeatherPromise provides some great benefits that every wise traveler can appreciate:

Don’t Let Rain Wash Away Your Fun

Bad weather on vacation can easily ruin outdoor activities or sightseeing plans. But with WeatherPromise, you’ll at least get reimbursed if the weather is rainier than predicted during your trip. A few rainy days won’t stop you from enjoying your vacation!

Get Paid Easily

You won’t have to lift a finger to claim payment for a botched forecast. WeatherPromise uses automated systems to check the weather and deposit cash into your account if they miss the mark.

They Cover Most Destinations

It doesn’t matter whether your next vacation is in Peru or Namibia. WeatherPromise uses over 500 million data points daily to make forecasts. Their AI tracks rain and clouds across the planet to protect big and small trips.

Breathe Easy, Knowing You’re Covered

Booking a “make or break” vacation to a tropical locale? The weather is out of your hands, but WeatherPromise has your back. Their guarantees let you stop worrying about storms, hurricanes, or monsoons and just look forward to having a great time.

How To Get Started With WeatherPromise

Taking advantage of WeatherPromise couldn’t be easier. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Book Your Trip: Have your flights, hotel, etc., locked in before getting a weather guarantee.
  2. Download the App: Get the WeatherPromise app on your phone to access your guarantee on the go.
  3. Buy Your Guarantee: Input your trip details, like dates and location, to purchase a weather guarantee.

And that’s it! The whole process takes just a few minutes. Purchase your WeatherPromise at least a week before your trip, and get ready to cash in if it rains too much.

WeatherPromise: Pros and Cons


  • Users say WeatherPromise makes their guarantees and payouts crystal clear.
  • Reviewers praise their timely and useful customer service.
  • Travelers feel reassured knowing potential rainy days are covered.
  • The automated payout deposits require minimal effort on your part.


  • You pay even if the forecast is 100% accurate and it doesn’t rain.
  • The guarantees focus on rain with less protection for other bad weather.
  • You must book travel at least one week in advance to qualify for a guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, WeatherPromise gives you more security when booking your next getaway. Their guarantees let you recoup trip costs if too many precious vacation days get rained out.

Are you planning on going somewhere with unpredictable weather? Keep yourself safe and give WeatherPromise a try!

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