Weird (but Totally Legal) Ways To Pay Rent in 2022

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Note: These suggestions are meant to help supplement your finances. If you’re in a more dire situation, we suggest speaking with your landlord immediately, calling 211 for organizational assistance, applying for industry grants, and asking friends/family for help.

Every time that chunk of rent payment leaves your bank account and into someone else’s, it hurts just a little bit. But it’s the price to pay for having your own living space and, basically, a non-negotiable.

So keep making those rent payments, and we’re making it a little bit easier by suggesting some things you can do to earn some side cash as well as manage your money more efficiently. Even better when you can get paid for doing stuff you already do!


A Legit Way to Earn $750 This Week

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Earn Up to $170 (Or More) Every Time You Win This Viral Game

  • Battle B is the free modern version of a classic that everyone loves
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  • Cash tournaments are not enabled in DE, LA, MD, MT, and TN, but you can still play for fun!

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