6 Winter Jobs Where You Can Work From Home


Winter is the best season to find a work from home gig to sink your teeth into. You can rebuild your budget if you overspent for the holidays, and work from the warm comfort of your home. Plus, there are tons of options.

If you’re looking for a work from home job during the cold months, we’ve found some great places. Whether you’re good with people or numbers, there’s a work from home job that you’ll be perfect for this winter.

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1. Crunch Numbers as a Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping doesn’t require anything except for basic accounting skills and a computer. It’s a viable way to make extra money or even serve as a full-time work from home career. Some start their own bookkeeping businesses as well to have a flexible schedule.

Bookkeeping jobs are consistently available because of the abundance of small businesses. Every small business needs a bookkeeper. Hiring on a full-time employee is more expensive than outsourcing the job to a bookkeeper who works from home but you’ll need to be able to handle multi-tasking!

To go one step further, you can work from home as a tax expert too. TurboTax is just one company interested in hiring people to assist customers with their taxes.

2. Help Others Plan Their Travels

When your family goes on vacation, are you usually in charge of planning and booking everything? If so, you should consider working from home as a travel consultant. BCD Travel is looking to hire remote consultants in a number of positions.

The role and requirements vary, but travel consultants usually serve as the point of contact for the client, handling reservations and other arrangements while keeping the customer informed of the process. Some positions at BCD require travel while others are strictly remote, but either way you can find a job that doesn’t require you to stay in an office.

3. Good With People? Work in Customer Service

Companies are looking for customer service reps year-round, and you can land a job without leaving your house.

Jobs generally include handling inbound phone calls from customers troubleshooting and resolving advanced technical issues, assisting with account information, and educating customers on any other content.

If you’re bilingual, you have a better chance of landing a job since you can communicate with more clients. General qualifications vary from place to place, but work experience, typing and communication skills, and good internet connection are all needed. Williams-Sonoma is just one example of a popular brand that’s hiring.

SYKES is another ideal company for aspiring customer service reps, as it offers full-time gigs for remote workers nationwide.

4. Make Sales From Over the Phone

If you’re interested in working the phones but don’t want to work in customer service, you can find a remote sales job that suits you. You’ll still need the same people skills, as well as some previous call center experience.

A sales job will be a little bit more fast-paced than a customer service gig, so know your strengths before applying for either role. As with any work from home job, a sales role will require that you’re a motivated self-starter, organized, and flexible with hours.

5. Medical Writing and Editing for Cactus Communications

Cactus Communications is an India-based medical communications company, but Cactus hires remote editors and writers. Most Cactus jobs require a college degree as well as writing and editing skills, but you’ll be trained for a month if you’re hired to get you up to speed.

Cactus not only hires remote workers but encourages it, as the company understands the benefits of telecommuting. In addition to full-time writing and editing jobs, Cactus offers customer service positions and freelance roles.

6. Teach English Online With Education First

With EF Online (Education First), you can earn up to $20 per hour by teaching English online from your house. The platform connects English-speaking educators with students from China, who are usually between 6 and 10 years old.

To sign up for EF Online, you must:

  • Be a native English speaker living in the U.S.A or UK
  • Have earned a Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Submit documentation of a 40 Hour TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification (or higher)
  • Agree to an online background check (no cost to you)
  • Have a strong wifi connection and headset

If you’re contracted, you’ll get all the information you need to get started before you teach a class. Then, parents can begin booking lessons with you for their children.

Since you’re working with students living in China, the hours might be a little unusual. EF Online says that their peak hours are 5:00 am to 7:30 am weekday mornings and 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm weekend nights (all times Eastern Standard).

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