10 Best Online Jobs for Teens

Times have changed from when I was a teenager. Landing that first job meant working in a fast-food restaurant close to home. These days, not so much.

Teens have many online options when it comes to working. Let’s go over some options below!

Why Work Online?

It’s great for teens to have good work experience before they graduate high school. That gives them an idea of how life will be after they’ve received their diploma. But working also gives them a sense of work ethic. Online work makes working more flexible for teens, and since they’re in school and have after-school activities and homework, it can sometimes be hard to find work outside of the home that adjusts to that lifestyle. That’s why online jobs are so great for teens.

Best Online Jobs for Teens

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most favorable online jobs for teens. Take a look.

1. Do Data Entry

If you can type, you can do data entry. Data entry is the process of entering data on the computer. It’s easy; all you need is an internet connection, fast typing skills, and the ability to be as accurate as possible with the information you enter. Data entry operators start at 16 years old. Some places to find data entry work include SigTrack and PeoplePerHour.

2. Resell Products

Sell gently used products you have or buy and flip products and merchandise online by selling them to earn a profit. This is a sure way to earn additional income and could be the first step in turning a side hustle into a legitimate business. There is no age requirement for reselling online, and some places to start include Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari require you to be 18 years or older.

3. Play Video Games

What teen doesn’t like to play a good video game? Now, imagine calling it your job where you get paid to do so. It can happen. There are multiple ways to get paid with video games. You can test them out for companies, coach other people on how to play, or build your own following. There is no age requirement to play games online, and some places to start are MistPlay, Skillz Games, and InboxDollars.

4. Become a Tutor

Tutoring doesn’t have to be limited to just the kids in your area after school. It can become a well-paid occupation that you do after school or on weekends online. When you tutor online, you can invite students from anywhere across the globe as long as they have an internet connection. If you market yourself well, this could become a business for you. Tutoring online can start as early as 14 years old. Some places to look for tutoring opportunities are TutorMe.com, Care.com, and Studypool.

5. Become a YouTuber

YouTube will pay money to YouTubers who generate thousands of followers. While it may sound easy enough, you must be consistent, persistent, and love being in front of the camera. This job can pay well over time but usually starts as a struggle. However, if you love sharing your opinions, being on camera, and can be consistent and original, you’ll love it. You should be at least 13 years old to become a YouTuber.

6. Take Online Surveys

This is an easy way to make a little money. I do stress the word – little. That is unless you’re putting every available minute you have toward taking surveys. Online surveys are one of the many ways companies do market research to assess products or content. You could even assess online platforms or websites, songs, commercials, or TV programs. Your feedback is considered valuable, and companies are willing to pay you something for your time. You should be at least 13 years old to start taking online surveys. Some places to get started are Swagbucks, LifePoints, and Ipsos iSay.

7. Freelance Your Craft

Whatever you do well, whether it be photography, writing, graphic design, or something else, freelance it. That means rather than use your talents to be someone’s employee, you contract with companies so they can benefit from your abilities. As a freelancer, you are your own boss, but they pay you to do work for them. Some places to start are Fiverr, Upwork, and Flocksy.

8. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you consider yourself resourceful and a quick learner, you might make someone a good virtual assistant. Virtual assistants help businesses with small tasks like email management, scheduling, etc. Work for virtual assistants varies based on the company that needs the work. Virtual assistants can be as young as 13 years old.

9. Be a Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are needed everywhere; many now have the good fortune to work from home. Customer service representatives help businesses manage their call volume. This requires helping their customers with issues or concerns about their product or service and can be done by phone, texting, chatting, or mail. You should be at least 16 years old to do customer service. Arise and Cocentrix are good places to go to get started.

10. Become an Influencer

Being an influencer might seem glamorous, but it takes a lot of work. However, more and more teens are finding themselves at the center of this new working wave and doing quite well for themselves. It requires valuing what you love, loving yourself in front of the camera, and being very creative. Engagement is the key to building a large following, and you also need to be willing to collaborate with various brands. Influencers can start as young as 13 years old.

The Bottom Line

Today, it’s incredibly easy for teenagers as young as 13 to find skillful work online. Most people who start out working online often decide rather than deal with the 9 to 5 of an employer; they enjoy the flexibility and autonomy that comes with working from home. That then gives them the motivation to become business owners and become their own bosses full-time beyond their teenage years.

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