17 Times Twitter Understood Our Financial Troubles

A phone open to the Twitter app

1. When we completely lacked financial self-control:

2. When we needed to finish a show but didn’t have the funds:

3. When college did NOT prepare us for taxes:

4. When we had PTSD from 2008:

5. When our date was more broke than us (how?):

6. When we STILL didn’t have financial self-control:

7. When we had to weigh the options:

8. When Ramen was not just for college kids:

9. When our bank account sent us another “Below $25” warning:

10. When we just weren’t valued as we should be:

11. When it’s first of the month:

12. When we started regretting every meal we ever ate out … in our lives:

13. When we didn’t have a foolproof plan to deal with debt:

14. When we purchased a plethora of items we didn’t need:

15. When we had dating down pat:

16. When we got our first apartment and had a bed with no bedframe:

17. When the check was over $10:

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