Take a 2 Month Bahamas Sabbatical on AirBnB

If you’ve been considering a long break from work, AirBnB is partnering with The Bahamas National Trust to give you a rare opportunity to spend your sabbatical in the Bahamas.

But before your mind wanders off to basking on the beach and drinking from coconuts, AirBnB sabbaticals are about promoting and preserving the environment. For instance, last year’s sabbatical sent 5 people on an all-expense-paid trip to Antarctica to study how microplastics affected the region.

With Hurricane Dorian sweeping though the Caribbean island last year in October 2019, which killed at least 67 people and caused $3.4 billion in damages* AirBnB is looking to send 5 people to help preserve the archipelago. The winners will visit 3 islands that were untouched by the hurricane: Andros, Eleuthera, and Exumas.

The Bahamas Sabbatical

The deadline to apply is February 18, 2020. And the sabbatical will occur from April 1 to May 31, 2020. Be sure that you can take an extended time off from work before applying!

Five applicants will be chosen to spend 2 months and live on 3 of The Bahamas’ family islands with local hosts helping the community preserve the environment and learn about ethical tourism.

Week 1 – 3: Winners will spend time in Andros and help restore coral reefs as the Andros Barrier Reef is the third-largest living organism on the planet. But due to global warming, the reef is vulnerable. You’ll learn to scuba dive, collect existing coral, build new coral and transplant new growth back into the reef.

Week 4 – 6: Winners move on to Exuma where they’ll learn about ethical fishing practices as well as help create food experiences that pair red lionfish (a threat to Bahamian waters but is a delicacy) with local produce!

Week 7 – 8: For the last leg of the sabbatical, winners go to Eleuthera, to help promote traditional agriculture like preparing and using bush teas and natural remedies.

Travel and Do Good

The Bahamas National Trust is a nonprofit that handles the country’s parks and works to preserve its natural habitat. By partnering together with AirBnB, it’s helping to raise awareness of global tourism’s effect on the environment as well as provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel, experience and educate oneself at the same time.

If this sounds exciting to you, apply before February 18!

 *Hurrican Dorian damages: AP News