Achievement App Review: Earn Rewards for Staying Fit

A woman wearing orange nike sneakers running up stairs
Bruno Nascimento

Health apps are all the rage. FitBits and Apple Watches are at the cutting edge of health tracking tech, but they’re not alone in the field. There are tons of apps that help you track your fitness, and some that even pay you to do so.

One of the best on the market today is Achievement. With more than 3 million downloads and a 4.5+ star rating on the App Store and Google Play Store, enough people love Achievement that it must be worth checking out.

What is Achievement? 

Like other fitness apps such as Sweatcoin, Achievement rewards users with an in-app currency for physical activity that can be translated into cash. Getting started is simple. Registration requires your name, email, birthday, and zip code, and the app will prompt you to connect to the Apple Health app to track your daily activity. You can also connect other fitness apps like FitBit to get your whole health portfolio on Achievement.

Simple survey questions to earn points | Some popular apps it can pair with

How Does Achievement Work?

Achievement tracks your activity through the connected apps and rewards you points for forms of exercise. You can earn up to 80 points daily for any physical activity. In addition, you can earn additional points by tracking your meals, sleep schedule, weight, meditation, and more. There are also bonus offers (like a 250 point referral bonus) and surveys that reward points upon completion, so there are plenty of ways to accumulate points.

You can trade in 10,000 points for $10, or save up over time for more rewards. However you choose to convert your points, you can get paid through PayPal or with gift cards.

If you’re only using the app to track your steps, it’ll take you a while to earn any cash. Even if you max out at 80 points each day, Achievement would net you about $30 in a year. While that’s not nothing, participating in surveys through Achievement can earn you up to $200 on occasion.

Is Achievement Worth It?

The Achievement app costs nothing to use, but there is some cost in data. The info you track on Achievement is shared with healthcare companies that the app is partnered with to generate research. You can see the results of some of these research studies on Achievement’s website, and it’s interesting to see data collection being used positively.

By using the app completely passively, you will accumulate enough points to cash out every few months. If you add in some of the bonus offers and surveys, you have a chance to make some decent cash. Achievement will never make you rich, but you could supplement your income with a few extra hundred each year if you take full advantage of it.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of apps like Achievement, but few are as easy to use and well-integrated with other apps. Even without the cash rewards, using an app like Achievement to help track your fitness goals can be incredibly rewarding in its own way. The extra money certainly doesn’t hurt though. It costs you nothing to use, so it may be worth a shot to download the app!