Limited Time Bonus: Get Up to $1,500 to Spend at Amazon

Disclosure: We’re letting you know this post contains information about The Smart Wallet’s sister website, Flash Rewards. The Smart Wallet & Flash Rewards are owned by the same parent company and the author is a Smart Wallet employee

There’s always something to buy on Amazon, regardless of whether you need it in the first place or not.

So, if you already have an Amazon wishlist and can’t wait to get some of those checked off, you can get TWO $750 rewards to spend there via Flash Rewards. Anyone 18+ can participate, and they’ve already rewarded $12 million to users since their launch in 2016.

How Flash Rewards Work

I can’t stress out the importance of following the instructions to get the complete $1,500.

Flash Rewards offers you “deals” that you might like, including mobile apps, games, subscriptions, financial services, and more. Depending on the deal you take, there are different instructions, for instance, getting to a certain level in a game.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Head to Flash Rewards and fill out basic info (Email, Name, etc.)
  2. Take a quick Survey (it helps figure out the optional offers & required deals to recommend)
  3. Complete deals by shopping Flash Rewards’ great brand-name partners.
  4. Important: Follow the instructions on completing the specific number of deals for each level and get to Level 5! (there are plenty of deals to try – some are free trials or app downloads, while others require a purchase!)
  5. Claim the first reward of $750 and get it in about a week!
  6. You’ll get a separate email detailing how to get a BONUS $750 just by writing some product reviews on Amazon items you tried. Tell them if you loved it or hated it!

You won’t get your rewards if you don’t follow the instructions. Sure, it takes a little more effort, but it’s legit. Get your $750 to go on an Amazon shopping spree and another $750 after you submit your product review(s)! So you can potentially get a total of $1,500!

Don’t Try if You Don’t Want to Follow Instructions

I will repeat this: you won’t get your rewards if you don’t read the instructions carefully.

Getting $750 plus another $750 bonus ($1,500 total) sounds too good to be true, but it’s legit when you follow their steps. You do have to spend a little money to earn more money as well.

For instance, I spent about $25 trying out a service that I was actually interested in, and when I finished the 20 deals and submitted my claim, the $750 arrived in a week.

How to Get the Bonus $750 Through Product Reviewing

If it wasn’t clear by now, getting the full $1,500 requires two separate $750 rewards. The first reward is via completing Level 5 in Flash Rewards.

When you claim your first $750 reward, you can spend some or all of it at Amazon. You’ll also receive a separate email with more steps to get the remaining reward.

Reply to that email with the following:

  1. The Amazon order confirmation you placed (Order date must be later than your reward claim date. Name/Email must match what you used for Flash Rewards)
  2. Pick what you want to review, and note their item name(s) and SKU(s)
  3. Include selfies of you and the item(s) you’re reviewing
  4. Your written product review must be at least 100 words describing what you liked or didn’t like about the product!

The Flash Rewards team will then review what you’ve sent, and if qualifications are met, they’ll send you the BONUS $750 reward!

Get your $750 to go on an Amazon shopping spree and another $750 after you submit your product review(s)!