12 Amazon Buys to Make a Hygge Home Yours

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It’s not pronounced “higgy” or “huge” but “hue-guh” or “hyoo-guh.” (Gotta pucker the lips!)

What does it mean? Hygge is a Danish term meaning a cozy sense of being.

It’s a state of mind and taking a step back from the stressful modern life for personal self-care. It’s savoring the little things and small joys in life so that even mundane chores can be enjoyable.

And since the World Happiness Report frequently ranks Denmark as the top three happiest countries in the world, maybe we should take some cues from them!

Let’s break down the hygge style with these Amazon buys

Natural Elements

Plants and pieces that are made of natural materials like wood and straw are great accents to your making a hygge home. It’s bringing nature into your space to rejuvenate your soul. Why do you think Central Park is such an important part of New York City? Add in some natural elements with these options:

1. Succulent Plants

Even the worst green thumbs can keep these alive! These 2-inch pots are perfect for grouping or to place around the house for a little green touch here and there.

2. Money Tree

Officially called the Costa Farms Pachira, but commonly referred to as the Money Tree. It’s a favorite as it’s said to bring good luck and is an excellent houseplant.

3. Macrame Plant Hangers

When you don’t have enough counter space, you can also hang plants too in pleasing macrame, which is textile formed into knots rather than knitting or weaving.

Simple Design

Think Scandinavian or IKEA with the clean lines of furniture/decor and simple look and feel. If something is uncluttered, there is an instant feeling of calm.

4. Ladder Bookcase

Stylish but simple, these ladder bookcases give you practical storage space and an area to showcase items you love.

5. Cotton Rope Basket

Mixing natural elements with simple design elements of hygge, these cotton rope baskets are perfect for laundry, toys, blanket holder, and more. Wicker baskets for storage are popular as well.

Soft and Different Textures

What’s cozier than being wrapped in a soft blanket? Integrating soft, furry, knit and similar textures into your home elevates that hygge feeling.

6. Micro Mink Washable Throw

There are a ton of colors and different materials like micro mink (velvet texture), shag, and fur to choose from to complement your space.

7. Faux Fur Rug

Just looking at the soft faux fur already emits a hygge feeling. You can use it as a floor rug, an accent to your bed, or drape it on a chair to feel like you’re snuggling against an animal that wasn’t harmed.

8. Corduroy Pillow Covers

Updating pillow covers is the easiest way to integrate some instant hygge. You can add different textures like the pictured corduroy, knitted cable covers that make it seem like you’re hugging someone wearing a sweater, or this ultra-soft body pillowcase.

Ambiance and Warmth

There’s a reason why the fireplace gathers around people. It’s super cozy and warm! If you don’t have one though, you can fake it with warm, soft lighting and candles.

9. Eco-Friendly & Wild Flower Growing Candle

If you hate the thought of throwing out empty candles, this less-waste solution is a beautiful option. Once you finish using the candle, you can plant the seeds it comes with, so you can grow your own pot of wildflowers! The ambiance and natural elements in one!

10. Flameless Candles

If you can’t trust yourself around fire or it’s not practical, then these flameless candles that are battery-operated will give the same look. They even flicker like real candles!

11. String Lighting

Another easy way to add ambiance is string lighting. It makes the space look more magical and fun! You can even clip photos to it for a lit photo wall.

Personal Touches

Family, friends, and nostalgia contribute to warm, cozy feelings so be sure to have photos, mementos, and items that remind you of them.

12. Photo Collage Frame with Letterboard

This main photo collage centerpiece can be updated with the customizable letterboard in the middle. Rotate out photos according to your mood and season! The frame comes with the letterboard letters to make different phrases each time.

12. Hygge: Unlock the Danish Art of Coziness and Happiness Book

Something about getting lost in a book makes having books around a cozy moment. If you want a new book for your shelf, read more on hygge where the author, Barbara Hayden, explains even further on how to achieve that lifestyle and how to practice it throughout the seasons!

Happy hygge-ing.