Amazon Shopper Panel App Gives You A Free $12 Every Month

Amazon Shopper Panel
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By now, we’ve all heard of the world’s largest and most notorious retailer: Amazon. We’ve also all shopped on Amazon before, but it’s not enough for them. Now, they want to know where you’re shopping when you’re not shopping with them and even track your ads (which is optional, but you’ll earn an extra $2 per month if you agree; more on this later). And so Amazon Shopper Panel was born!

The Amazon Shopper Panel is an opt-in/invite-only program where participants can earn monthly rewards just by sharing receipts from purchases made outside and by completing mini-surveys.

Your participation in the Amazon Shopper Panel program means that brands will learn how to offer you better products and display Amazon ads that you actually want to see, helping to create a more personalized Amazon shopping experience. How cool is that!

This is an app you’ll definitely want to download because it’s free to participate if you’re already an existing Amazon customer.

Not an Amazon Prime member yet? Get a 30 day free trial now and take advantage of free shipping on all the things you love to buy.

Let’s dive into my experience with the platform thus far:

How To Earn Money With Amazon Shopper Panel

Amazon Shopper Panel
View of Amazon Shopper Panel Notifications Dashboard | Adam Palasciano

Here are three things you need to know to start earning up to $12 each month:

  • Download the Amazon Shopper Panel app from the App Store or the Google Play store.
  • It’s currently invite-only for select Amazon customers.
  • However, existing customers can opt-in to the waitlist to get notified when space is available.

Although I wasn’t lucky enough to get an invite, I joined the waitlist, and my request was accepted about one month later! Once I received a notification that I was in, I quickly started earning rewards by taking pictures of paper receipts.

Amazon Shopper Panel
View of Amazon Shopper Panel Receipts Dashboard | Adam Palasciano

All you’ll have to do is snap photos of 10 receipts per month right in the app or just forward email receipts to [email protected] each time you place an online order. You’re getting paid $1 per receipt!

It doesn’t matter where your receipts are from as long as it’s not an Amazon purchase. Your grocery stores, drug stores, department stores, restaurants, entertainment, basically any receipt will work as long as it was a purchase made within the last 30 days.

As of April 2024, there have been changes made to what receipts are eligible:

  • Big Box and club stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Dollar & convenience stores
  • Department stores
  • Electronics stores
  • Home improvement stores
  • Clothing and shoe stores
  • Sports & outdoor stores
  • Specialty stores (pet, craft, hobby, cosmetic)

These receipts are NO longer eligible:

  • Food & beverage (restaurants and coffee shops)
  • Transportation and auto services (gas stations and ride shares)
  • Software and streaming services
  • Hospitality, Leisure, and Entertainment services (hotel, movie theater, lottery tickets)
  • Shipping and Delivery services
  • Personal care services (gym and hair salons)
  • Other services (cellular, financial, and legal services)

I simply started scanning all of my recent receipts, and within 5 minutes, I uploaded 10 eligible receipts and earned a $10 reward for the month. I mean, talk about free money!

In addition, Amazon Shopper Panel recently added a new optional feature where users can elect to have their ads tracked by the app. By opting in, this allows Amazon to confirm which Amazon ads users actually saw on their mobile devices (you’ll have to enable “ad tracking” for Amazon Shopper Panel in your iOS settings). This feature is currently only available to iOS users.

If you choose to opt-in, you’ll earn an additional $2 per month. So, if you consistently scan 10 receipts per month as well, you’ll bank a cool $12 monthly Amazon credit (or a charitable donation, if you prefer) which automatically gets deposited into your account one-two days after the first of each month. Boo-yah! And if you ever change your mind, you can disable this feature at any time. Check out this new feature below:

View of Amazon Shopper Panel Ads Dashboard | Adam Palasciano

How To Redeem Your $12 Every Month

Amazon Shopper Panel
View of Amazon Shopper Panel Choose Rewards Dashboard | Adam Palasciano

Once you’ve submitted 10 eligible receipts per month (and choose to subscribe to Amazon ad tracking), you’ll earn $12! Do it consistently, and you’ll get at least $144 per year.

Easily get paid straight to your Amazon balance or make a charitable donation to an organization of your choice from their list.

I chose the Amazon balance, and here’s what it looks like:

View of Amazon Shopper Panel Rewards Dashboard | Adam Palasciano

Earn Extra Money Completing Surveys With Amazon Shopper Panel

Amazon Shopper Panel
View of Amazon Shopper Panel Survey Dashboard | Adam Palasciano

Another way to earn additional money per month is through taking mini-surveys.

The app will drop surveys once or twice a month. One survey I took asked about my grocery spending habits like “How much money do you spend on Amazon on grocery items?” and “What’s your annual household income?”

It was quick, multiple-choice and took me all of 90 seconds to complete, and netted me an additional $0.25. So yes, this is another easy way to add to your monthly earnings!

Is Amazon Shopper Panel Legit?

1,000% yes!

This app is managed by and connected to, so it’s a legit way to increase your Amazon account balance by a free $12 each month, and up to $144 per year (not including any extra earnings each month from surveys you could be offered to take).

Amazon takes its privacy policy very seriously, so you won’t have to worry about your data being sold to third parties.

The Bottom Line

Amazon Shopper Panel is a quick and easy way to earn free money or donate to a worthy charity each month. While this platform is normally invite-only, it’s possible to download the Amazon Shopper Panel app and request a spot to join, just as I was able to do.

If you’re used to scanning receipts on other cashback apps already, this is a quick addition to your app collection and a way to boost your monthly earnings by $12 with little to no effort. After all, the best money is free and easy money!

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