The Best Things to Buy in August

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August is a great month for deals – as long as you know what to look for. For starters, many states have tax-free weekends throughout the month to encourage shopping. These can be especially useful for any back-to-school prepper. And while there are no major retail holidays in August, there are still plenty of ways to cash in on savings.

1. Back to School Supplies

It’s almost impossible to not hear about back to school deals in August. Everything from pencils to notebooks to backpacks to clothes will be discounted throughout the month, making this the perfect time for parents to stock up on supplies. Even if your child isn’t going to be in a classroom this fall, it’s still a good idea to make sure you’re well-stocked on learning essentials, and now you can save some money too.

2. Swimsuits/Summer Clearance 

As with any month toward the end of a season, August is a prime time to bargain hunt for summer apparel. Swimsuits should come with the steepest discounts as the swimming season more or less ends by September, but you can find tank tops, tees, flip flops, shorts, skirts and more for cheaper than usual.

3. Office Furniture 

Back to school shopping deals often extend to things like office chairs and desks, meaning you can furnish your COVID home office for cheap if you shop this month. Since more Americans are working from home than ever (and many want to keep working from home), this is a great time to get everything you need to build a home workspace.

4. Labor Day Sales

This may be a little confusing since Labor Day is always in September. However, in recent years major retailers have begun moving the start of their Labor Day sales into August. Keep an eye on discounts from major brands like Home Depot and Walmart – you’ll be surprised how many early sales pop up!

5. Air Conditioners 

August isn’t the month with the best pure deals on air conditioners. You’re very likely to find cheaper prices in winter when demand is basically zero. However, purchasing an AC in August provides a good blend of savings and usefulness. It will still be hot through September, even October in most places, but with summer winding down many stores will slash prices on ACs and fans. Capitalize while you can and beat the heat for the rest of the summer!

6. Patio Furniture 

Although summer barbecue season may have come and gone with little activity this year, it’s still a good time to invest in outdoor furniture. Similarly to air conditioners, patio furniture is en vogue at the start of summer, but usually less popular and less expensive by August. You can deck out your backyard and have everything ready for Labor Day, and be ahead of the game for spring 2021.

7. Laptops

Laptop deals are technically part of back to school savings, but they’re such a valuable item and some deals are so good that they deserve a section to themselves. Apple has already announced slashes to MacBook prices (as well as accessories like AirPods). Macs remain some of the most expensive computers on the market though, and you can find heavily discounted laptops for less than $200 in some cases. For instance, Best Buy is offering the HP Chromebook 11 for just $169.

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