Be the Next Coin Master in This Fun, Free Game

When all you want is an extremely smooth game, with fun graphics, that lets you play while watching Netflix, then Coin Master is the perfect game for your phone.

A casual mobile game, it’s had over 100 million downloads and typically ranks within the Top 10 for Adventure Games in the App and Play store.

What is Coin Master

Coin Master is a free casual game with optional in-game purchases. The game revolves around building villages from around the world using the coins earned from playing a virtual slot machine. As the name implies, it’s all about the coins!

Once you complete a village, you unlock the next village to complete with your coins. Currently, there are 316 levels to play and conquer.

Spinning the virtual slot machine allows you to earn tens of millions of play coins, as well as opportunities to attack other players’ villages to destroy buildings (for coins), or “raid” the current Coin Master (a real player with a lot of in-game coins) by digging up buried treasure.

For maximum enjoyment, play the game with the sound on. All the coin jingling, the slot machine spinning, and upbeat music really add to the atmosphere of this extremely simple but fun-to-play game.

It’s All in the Spin!

In order to spin the slot machine, you need energy capsules. You get 5 free spins an hour with a max of 50 spins that can be accrued. However, the game has given me extra spins on top of the 50 many times through regular events, so you’ll be able to spin away!

Putting the game on “Auto-Spin” makes it easier to accumulate coins quickly, but if you ever run out of spins, and don’t want to wait, then there are packages on sale with regular promotions.

Social Aspects

You can connect your Facebook friends to get even more free stuff, trade collector cards, or raid /attack their village for coins. Since completing in-game card sets results in valuable in-game perks, there are even Facebook groups dedicated solely to card trading!

Overall, Coin Master is fun, free, and gives you a nice break from everyday stress with the simple gameplay. Download now and try it out!