Why Do Millions of Players Love This Top Ranking Adventure Game?

TL;DR: Coin Master is a free, single-player, super casual mobile game with over 100 million downloads. Its popularity keeps the game consistently in the top 5 Adventure category. The game doesn’t require much brain power, and you compete with friends and global players to level up your villages to be…the ✨Coin Master✨ The gameplay features a virtual slot machine to win coins and shields to upgrade your villages and chances to attack/steal from competitors’ villages. It’s fun for everyone!

4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Operating System
Free w/ in-app purchases
Adventure Game

Coin Master Pros & Cons

Free and simple to play game with smooth, vibrant graphicsOnce all the spins are used, you’ll have to wait for it to refresh unless you pay
Anyone 17+ can play, and it’s fun for everyoneYou cannot win any real money since it’s a simulated slot machine
The social-focused gameplay provides a lot of in-game rewards and friendly competitionYou’ll have to repair your village due to frequent attacks and raids
The Pet and Card Collecting system adds an extra layer of motivation

Coin Master Features

Coin Master was released in 2010 by Moon Active, but it shows no sign of stopping (or aging) as a top-grossing casual mobile game played by millions of players worldwide. The developer’s frequent support and updates for the game keep it fresh and exciting, with over 500 villages (aka levels) for players to explore. And that’s just the beginning!

The free game doesn’t require much thinking, which makes it accessible to almost everyone, including teens, parents, grandparents, you name it. Due to its simulated virtual slot machine, it is rated 17+ since it uses light gambling mechanics to earn in-game bonuses. It also encourages you to play with friends so you can connect to your Facebook (optional) to get generous perks.

The extremely smooth and bright gameplay of Coin Master is simple:

  • Spin the slot machine to win in-game coins or chances to attack other villages
  • Use coins to upgrade your current village and level up to the next (each village is considered a level, and there are 500+!)
  • Attacking or raiding other players’ villages will give you a chance to steal MORE coins
  • Protect your village by earning shields from the slot machine

That’s the basis of the game. The 500+ differently themed villages/levels are all so unique you’ll have fun seeing what you’ll build next! If you run out of spins, you can purchase more if you don’t want to wait for the spins to refresh hourly.

Coin Master Beginner’s Tips!

  • The game gives 5 free spins per hour, but you can earn more via spins, leveling up, connecting to Facebook, and getting gift spins from friends and family.
  • In the beginning, the most important levels to hit are Level 4 and then Level 11 to unlock your first pet, as well as the Daily Rewards calendar that grants daily, weekly, and monthly prizes!
  • Don’t hoard your coins! Since other players can raid and steal your coins, spend them, and build up your villages as soon as you have the funds.
  • Raids will net you more coins, and the Foxy pet will automatically dig up the 4th hole to get you even more. Look for already-hit buildings or objects to attack (it’ll have smoke rising), which will most likely be a successful hit.
  • You can only have 1 pet active at a time. Feed your pet; otherwise, it’ll sleep and become inactive. Pet food can be obtained 1x every 24 hours (free) as event prizes and with real money through the Shop.
  • Since Coin Master is a social game, it’ll encourage you to connect to your Facebook so your friends can play with you. You’ll get free money and spins as the perk. You might be surprised who on your friend list is already playing!

Gameplay Milestones:

  • Once you unlock Village Level 4, you’ll have access to a pet called Foxy. Keep it awake and fed; it’ll help you get up to 106% extra coins during raids! And don’t worry, pets can’t die.
  • Card collecting: Cards can be collected and traded to complete card sets, resulting in extra Spins, Pet Experience, and two additional pets: Rhino (blocks better than shields) and Tiger (gets you more coins during regular attacks).
  • At Village Level 11, you’ll unlock the Daily Rewards Calendar, granting you daily, weekly, and grand monthly prizes if you log in on time.
  • At Village Level 50, you’ll get access to Viking Quest, a mini-game to earn even more spins, coins, pet food, and rare cards.

Sneak Peek at the First 10 Village Levels:

Your Coin Master mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get to Village Level 10! By then, you’ll have an excellent grasp of the game and an in-game pet to decide if the game is right for you. We can’t believe how much detail the game has, and it’s so simple to play!

Village Level 1Land of Vikings
Village Level 2Ancient Egypt
Village Level 3Snowy Alps
Village Level 4Inca
Village Level 5Far East
Village Level 6Stone Age
Village Level 7Sunny Hawaii
Village Level 8Troy
Village Level 9Africa
Village Level 10Atlantis
Village Level 11Robot