This Company Is Offering Free, Expert-Led Virtual Summer Camps

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Ketut Subiyanto

When the coronavirus outbreak started, schools across the country closed. There was some optimism that kids would be back in classrooms before the summer break, but that didn’t happen. Now, most summer camps are closed and the status of Fall classes is up in the air.

Not only are kids having their education interrupted, but many parents also struggle to find affordable, valuable teaching resources for their kids. Coupled with the fact that parents are working from home and raising kids, and you get a situation that’s hard to manage.

That’s why Varsity Tutors is offering countless free summer camps, school classes, and practice exercises for anyone who needs them.

What is Varsity Tutors? 

Varsity Tutors offers a wide range of educational resources for students of all ages. The platform has programs for elementary and middle school children, as well as college and grad school test prep. Every course on Varsity Tutors is taught by experts, whether you’re signing up for one-on-one tutoring or group camps. Although many classes and camps cost money, plenty are being offered for free to help families educate and occupy kids.

Varsity Tutors Virtual Summer Camps 

This year, Varsity Tutors’ most popular resources will probably be virtual summer camps. Courses run for one week each, for either an hour or half-hour each day. Many camps are completely free, while others range from roughly $10-$50 per hour. Every camp is fully interactive and led by an expert in the field. There are camps available for all age groups, even adult learners!

Here’s a sampling of what’s available for each age group, for free:

The Bottom Line

Space is limited for each camp, but new classes pop up almost every day. You’re sure to find something your kids will love! Not only will you open your children up to new learning opportunities, but you can also help them stay social while social distancing.

There are plenty of free educational resources available during the pandemic, but few offer as much as Varsity Tutors. If you have kids, consider trying Varsity Tutors camps this summer, and if you like what you see you can keep using the platform into the school year!

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