Crash Course: Educating the World for Free

Teachers are always looking for creative ways to teach, and students are always looking for new ways to learn. Both teachers and students will appreciate the creative teachings of Crash Course. Whether you’re a teacher, student, or an average Joe who just wants to gain a little more knowledge in any area — from global health to entrepreneurship, Crash Course is a perfect place to visit.

What Is Crash Course?

Brothers Hank and John Green initially started a Youtube channel, Crash Course, to help teachers teach and learners learn in the field of history and biology. That was when it launched in 2011. Today, Crash Course has expanded beyond the classroom into an educational site that includes just about any subject to name, and it’s for more than just teachers and students. It’s for anyone who wants to learn more — about anything.

The founders believe that learning is “like a little bit the meaning of life,” so they want everyone to have access to high-quality educational videos for free. More than 45 video series have been produced, transforming the traditional textbook into a fast-paced, enhanced learning experience. The site has over 14 million subscribers and over a billion viewers, many of whom are independent learners who want to learn more.

How Crash Course Educates the World for Free

The founders of Crash Course, brothers Hank, and John Green, believe that high-quality educational videos should be free for everyone. And with over a billion viewers, they’ve found a way to make it happen. However, it’s not free for them to create. There is a cost, it’s resource-intensive, and that’s where people like you and I come in. Not only are the highly entertaining educational videos available to us to view and use in our educational realms, but we can also help keep the videos in production if you’re able to help.

Crash Course has various ways to fund its products.

Crash Course Coins to Collect

Crash Course had a unique coin designed to represent their concept of collaboration and made it available for fans and viewers to purchase. The coin featured a design inspired by the James Webb telescope in 2022. With a view of the galaxies from a distance, it represents hundreds of thousands of people, reminding them that knowledge is gained through communal efforts. No one person can do it alone. The coins came in a variety of materials – nickel, silver, brass, and black iron. Proceeds from the coins are used to continue the work of Crash Course and expand it for the future.

While the deadline for purchasing the 2023 Crash Course Coin has passed, stay in the know with the Crash Course newsletter to know when future purchases will be made available.

Optional Memberships

For avid users of Crash Course, they can choose to become a member of through their multiple Patreon membership options (starting as low as $3/month). The more you give, the more exclusive content you can get.

  • $3/Month: Join and get access to any updates and exclusive posts on Patreon.
  • $5/Month (the most popular): In addition to that, join at this level to include awesome digital calendar wallpaper each month
  • $10/Month: In addition, join at this level and also get character cutouts, avatars, and GIF downloads.
  • $20/Month: Keep that going, and when you join at this level, also get behind-the-scenes content and discounted merchandise
  • $50/Month: Join at this level to include personal thank yous by name in all of their new episodes
  • $100/Month: Join at this level to also receive personal thank yous on social media posts
  • $250/Month: In addition to everything else, join at this level to get personal thank yous on screen

The Bottom Line

The team at Crash Course is always working to figure out ways to bring quality education to everyone for free. That involves making complex learning topics easier for everyone to understand. To do that takes a team of skilled people with the talents needed to pull off these quality videos. This includes rigorous researchers, writers, and animators that bring the curriculum to life.

The team pulled off a lot in just the past year alone — from a Spanish course to Black American History courses and much more. They depend on everyday people like you and me to donate to keep it going.

But no pressure here. If you’re not able to become a member or purchase a Crash Course Coin, continue to receive the highly-rated free education through their awesome videos on YouTube!