This Halloween Costume Contest is Paying Out $1,000 in Prizes

A man wearing a Halloween costume dressed as the Joker
Photo: Daniel Lincoln

If you’re already dressing up for Halloween this year and you think your costume is top-notch, submit photos of yourself (or your group) for Costume Works’ Costume Contest!

The contest has prizes in six categories, with prizes going to the top three finishers in each.

The categories and prizes are as follows:

  • Best Family Costume
  • Cutest Baby (Age 0-2) Costume
  • Best Children’s (3+) Costume
  • Best Couple Costume
  • Coolest Adult Costume
  • Best Group Costume
  • First Place Prize: $100
  • Second Place Prize: $50
  • Third Place Prize: $25

You can submit up to 10 photos to really show off your outfit. If you’re submitting a group photo, you should include the name and relationship you have with each person in the photo (i.e., friend, mom, sister).

If you made your costume by yourself, Costume Works would love to hear about how you put it together too! Your design will be shared on their website, and viewed by thousands of people!

Winners will be notified by email, and prizes will be paid out via PayPal.

The deadline to submit photos for the costume contest is November 20, 2020, so good luck!

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