10 Fitness Products to Help Crush Your Goals

Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which The Smart Wallet receives compensation for, which may impact their order of appearance because talking about money should always be an honest discussion.

Whatever your fitness level is, you’re motivated to do something about your health. Maybe it’s new year resolutions that you’re determined to stick to or maybe the doctor said it’s time to step it up. Regardless, you’re here to make it happen.

While joining a gym works for some people, you can easily incorporate everyday fitness at home as well. Or, a combination of both! Some people (like myself) get more motivated in a class setting and then do home fitness on the less intense in-between days. To help you crush your fitness goals, here are some products that you can check out!

1. When You Want to Work Your Core

You might’ve heard about strengthening your core but what does it do? Your core muscles consist of the muscles around your trunk and pelvis and when you strengthen them, you’re improving your balance and stability. Almost all physical activities (sports, running, bending down to tie your shoes, etc) will be easier with a strong core. A weak core leads to lower back pain, poor posture, and muscle injuries. Plus, a strong core can help tone your abs!

You won’t need the gym to help strengthen your core. These Synergee Sliders come in a set of 2, are dual-sided, so you can work on the carpet or on hardwood floors. Their small portable size makes it awesome for travel and for the home. You’ll easily able to do core challenges with these with the included fitness exercise instructions.

2. When You Want to Add Strength-Building

Contrary to popular belief, weight-lifting isn’t just for bulking up or getting Terminator-body status. It actually helps improve posture, boost metabolism, give you better sleep, helps gain bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis (a very common bone disease), as well as manage and lose weight. So when you’re lifting weights, you’re building lean muscle tissue and when you’re increasing muscle, you’re increasing metabolism to help you burn more calories throughout the day!

These ventilated weight-lifting gloves will give you full palm protection and extra grip. So they’re great for pull-ups, barbell, muscle up rings, kettlebells and more.  The open hand design lets your skin breathe (aka less sweat, aka less smell). There are plenty of sizes and the velcro adjustment makes it easy to customize for both men and women.

3. When You Don’t Want to Deal with Sock Slippage

There’s nothing more annoying than having to deal with socks slipping down your heel when you’re in the middle of a workout. That’s why these highly rated Saucony socks which come in an 8-pack for women and an 8-pack for men with plenty of colors to choose from are so popular.

“The tab at the back comes up high enough to protect my ankle from any chafing and the arch support is great on these.” “They never fall down into my shoe, even when I’m running at the gym or working 9 hour days. I’ve even worn them in winter boots for extended periods of time and they still stay up!”

4. When You Want to Incorporate Fun into Your Workout

When you’re like “ugh no more sit-ups” then try out this exercise ball for strengthening the abdominals, core and lower back muscles. It’s great to use for yoga, pilates, or any general strengthening and balancing.

It’s also useful to use as a chair (to activate core muscles for balance) and perfect for pregnant mothers too. If you have any back, hip, and knee injuries, this low-impact workout can also help rehabilitate.  Physical therapists and chiropractors also suggest using the ball for therapy for those with back problems since it supports your lower back as you exercise and stretch.

5. When You Need More Motivation

When you need to be more accountable and get more motivation, this amusing food and fitness journal that encourages you to “keep fucking going” will help. Pages inside will also be littered with swearing to keep things entertaining but the process will still be impactful. You’re logging down what you eat, your workouts, water intake, sleep, feelings, and emotions, as well as measurements and weight loss.

If you prefer another type of nutrition and fitness journal that’s less flowery but still as effective, check out this super sturdy and laminated version from NewMeFitness.

6. When You Want to Strengthen Your Legs or Arms

When you wear ankle weights, you’re forcing your body to adapt to the newly added weight, which results in increased calorie burning. It also helps increase your endurance, stability, and add tone to your legs when you include it in your workout.

These ankle weights from Reehut are adjustable, comes in various weight sizes, and colors. Look at their chart to see what you can start with!

They also help with physiotherapy and can be used for wrist weights too.

7. When You Want to Save Space But Still Have an Effective Workout

When you want a cost-effective workout, a set of resistance bands can be an inexpensive addition to your home fitness. Since the bands come in different resistance levels, you can work your way up and grow with your own program. It also replaces heavyweights, for instance, if you stand on one end of a cord and curl your arm up while holding the other end, then you’ve just replaced a standard dumbbell bicep curl.

Since they’re so portable, you can easily take it with you on travel and save on storage space. You’ll also be able to do this workout alone without having people to “spot” you at the gym.

8. When You Can’t Decide But Still Want to Workout

When you’re bored with your routine, this Stack 52 Quick Sweat Fitness Dice can infuse some spontaneity. 90 bodyweight exercises are printed on the color dice so you can roll and see what the workout program of the day is!

The creator of this game is Sergeant Volkin, and he was awarded with a medal for this fitness program he designed for the troops. This helps with creating fun sets without too much thought and it’s divided by levels: Beginner, Normal, and Advanced Fitness so you can customize to your own. The instructional booklet and the included videos will help illustrate what each move is as well. Grab a few friends and play a round of this fitness game!

9. When You Need More Daily Intake of Water


We all know we need to drink more water. This portable 1-gallon water jug makes it a little easier with the motivational time markers and it is leak-proof. You’ll also spend less time having to refill your bottle. “The large screw top is great to fill up but the lid with the smaller opening makes it easier to drink out of (opposed to a large opening which is harder). That’s the best selling point and what makes this better bottle than others. SO much easier to drink out of the bottle with this cap.”

10. When You Want to Strengthen Abs, Chest, Shoulders, Arms and Back

When you need solid equipment that doesn’t take up too much space at home, this Syntus AB Wheel set does the job. It’s considered a 6-in-1 home gym set that includes an ab wheel roller, knee pad, push up bars, jump rope and a replacement rope. The wheel roller is designed to support up to 330 pounds. Many reviews have commented on how sturdy the roller is which is important when you need it to support your weight.