The 7 Best Free Food Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

Free food. One of the best combination of words in the world. I’ve always thought the only thing better than a great meal is a great meal that I don’t have to pay for. Thats what makes these food apps so amazing.

If you’re on the hunt for freebies and deals at your favorite restaurants, they might be only a few clicks away. Tons of popular restaurants have apps that give you free food just for downloading them.

Here are the best food apps that we could find.

1. Panera Bread

Panera has a sweet deal for new My Panera members: a free pastry upon sign up! And that’s certainly not the last freebie the app will give you.

Panera has different promotions for different months. Some months they’ll give members a free bagel every day, and others will offer free coffee daily.

The app has personalized rewards for each member too, so you earn deals on items you actually like. 

The app makes ordering easier than ever too. If you have an account, you can save your favorite meals and order ahead with just a few clicks. You can also see a map of every Panara location near you to make the entire process simple.

2. Red Robin

Red Robin’s “Royalty” program doesn’t give you anything upon sign up, but they have some pretty killer deals. While any Red Robin customer can get bottomless fries, Royalty members can get “bottomless rewards.”

For example, the app offers a number of rewards that only get better the more often you dine at Red Robin. Royalty members get every 10th item they order for free as well as $20 off their sixth visit. As an added perk, members are entitled to a free burger any one day during their birthday month.

Red Robin will also donate 1% of what you spend to a school of your choice after you sign up. Helping the community has never been so delicious!

3. Burger King

The Burger King app always has fresh deals!

The BK app has deals, freebies and buy one, get one offers only accessible to those with the app. They have an ever-changing list of coupons you can choose from to get the best deals at any Burger King location.

Deals change every few days so you’re always sure to find something that’ll hit the spot. My current offers include a discounted whopper meal, BOGO Oreo shakes, and cheap burgers, fries and chicken.

The app also offers an easy re-order button, so you can quickly get your favorite meals whenever you’re craving BK.

Unlike other food apps, Burger King offers a cafe subscription deal. For just $5 per month, you can get a free small hot coffee every day.

4. Chili’s

When you download the My Chili’s app you instantly get 60 rewards points, enough for a free menu item.

The more you spend after that, the more points you earn that can go toward other free food. In addition, My Chili’s Rewards members are entitled to their choice of a free drink or chips and salsa any time they dine at a Chili’s location.

The app lets you put in an order online for pick up, but it also has perks for customers who want to dine in. You can see in advance if your local Chili’s has a wait for a table and get text alerts on when your table will be ready.

And if you stop by a Chili’s on your birthday, you get an appetizer or dessert for free!

5. McDonald’s

The McDonald’s app definitely gives you the best bang for your buck. Signing up immediately gives you buy one, get one free offers that aren’t available without the app as well as discounted menu items.

It’s also a gift that keeps giving. Coupons and freebies update regularly and give you new great offers. Deals change every day, but you’ll always find something you’ll end up lovin’.

The menu is easy to naviagte, ordering and paying is simple, and overall the app finds a way to make fast food even faster.

To see current deals and download the app, head over to the McDonald’s website.

6. Baskin-Robbins

If free ice cream doesn’t hook you, I’m not sure what will. If you download the BR app, you’ll get a free scoop in addition to loads of offers, deals, and promotions.

If you allow notifications, you’ll be the first to know when Baskin-Robbins rolls out a new flavor or discount. iPhone alerts never sounded so sweet.

Baskin-Robbins has new deals and promotions nearly every day, such as the currently running Stranger Things partnership. You can also get exclusive flavor updates to stay up to date on every special they have to offer, like the “Elevenade Freeze.”

Download the app and snag your free scoop.

7. Wendy’s

With the Wendy’s app, you’ll get access to exclusive offers on all your favorite food. Most deals are buy one get one, so if you take a friend one of you can eat free! As an added bonus, you get a free Junior Bacon Cheeseburger with your first purchase after downloading.

The app also lets you order online so you can pick up your hot food whenever you want.

To download the app, head to Wendy’s website next time you’re craving a burger.