How to Get Free Warzone Battle Passes with Ibotta

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If you’re one of the 75+ million players already playing Call of Duty: Warzone, you should already know the importance of CP (Call of Duty Points) that lets you purchase the valuable Battle Pass.

CP also lets you buy new skins/accessories for your characters, weapons, and vehicles but we all know, that the Battle Pass is where it’s at.

Since CP is sold in packages ranging from $1.99 to $99.99, it can add up depending on your impulses. The Battle Pass gives the most bang for your buck though since it’s just 1,000 CP (roughly $10) to unlock up to 100 tiers of content and comes with bonus 1,300 CP as well as 100+ free items. Basically, you’d have made your original CP spend back and more!

Activision pushes out massive updates every 2 months so we’ll show you how to stock up on free CP so you can be locked and loaded way before the next season hits.

How to Get Free CP

You can get free CP for Warzone just by using Ibotta, a free app that pays you real money on your everyday purchases. That includes your groceries (online/in-store), essentials, food delivery, online shopping, basically anything. All they need is a receipt.

It’s super simple, just check Ibotta first before:

  • Shopping at your fav stores and services like Target, Ralph’s, Trader Joe’s, Uber Eats
  • Ordering groceries and delivery services like Walmart Grocery, Instacart, Shipt
  • Online shopping from retailers like Amazon, Under Armour, Gap

These are just a few examples; you can get cash back at over 500,000 locations! Even restaurants, convenience stores, sports, and entertainment.

As you rack up cash back from all your purchases through Ibotta, you can withdraw earnings to Venmo, PayPal, or choose gift cards of your choice. With your extra money, you can then buy CP!

How This Real CoD Player Uses Ibotta

Carl playing Warzone on Xbox

Using Ibotta to earn CP is low effort.

Take it from Carl C., who currently lives in New Jersey and has been an avid Call of Duty player since 2007. His main games now are CoD: Black Ops Cold War for multiplayer, or CoD: Modern Warfare for Warzone.

The social aspect, the growing worldwide community, and the ability to “hang out” with friends (especially during a pandemic) keep him going.

“Sometimes I buy the occasional character skin/weapon camo if I see something I really like, but they can be expensive and (usually) offer zero advantage in-game. I will almost always buy the Battle Pass though. Since Warzone mode is free, it makes buying the Battle Pass reasonable. Plus, it gives you new goals and unlocks to keep playing for!” Carl explains.

Carl’s character in a purchased Jigsaw camo

To make purchases in-game guilt-free, Carl has used Ibotta casually for the past few months earning about $10 a month. “I know it may not sound like much, but it’s enough for me to keep purchasing the next Battle Pass for free!”

He also scored the $20 welcome bonus that Ibotta awards every new member.

Even if it’s not for CoD, Carl would still use Ibotta. “I don’t have to keep track of coupon codes or carry around paper ones. Even better I don’t have to scour the internet for hours looking for the best deals. I just pop open the app wherever I am and find the best deals, all from one place.”

Carl showing the weapon skin purchased with CP

How to Rack Up Even More Ibotta Cash Back

Similar to how CoD relies on teamwork, Ibotta is more fun (and profitable) with friends too.

For each friend you invite to Ibotta, you’ll get $10 when they start redeeming offers. There’s no limit!

Plus, there are Teamwork Bonuses. When you and your friends connect Facebook to Ibotta, you’ll be able to work together for extra cash back. Every month there are different levels to unlock together to achieve the cash bonuses!

Withdrawing Ibotta Earnings for CP

Carl using Ibotta

Once you’ve earned at least $20 cash back in Ibotta, you can transfer to your bank account, PayPal, or pick from 70+ different gift cards.

Your earnings never expire so you’re welcome to keep accruing or cash out for money to pick up some CP!

What You Need to Know Before Using Ibotta

Every new member can get up to a $20 welcome bonus. Basically, if you like getting paid to shop, then Ibotta should be on your phone. And why not? It’s free to use.

By checking Ibotta first before buying anything, you’ll consistently earn cash back to redeem for CP on Call of Duty!

Hot Tip:

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