When I’m Not Making TikToks…

Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which The Smart Wallet receives compensation for, which may impact their order of appearance because talking about money should always be an honest discussion.

When I’m not making TikToks, I’m still on my phone a lot (obviously). That’s never going to change.

But when I want to relax, I like playing games for sure. These are 2 of my current favs at the moment and you might like them too! I’ll also link you to getting some extra cash on the side too.

1. Spin to Win and Raid Villages

There’s something about a bajillion coins getting virtually thrown at your face that gets my dopamine going.

It’s this free casual game I regularly play, that already has 81 million downloads and has earned the rep of being one of the most interactive games available.

You spin to earn coins, then you raid other people’s villages to destroy their buildings (and earn more coins), and build up your own village to move to the next level. You. Will. Not. Get. Bored. There are over 200 themed villages to build (I like Steampunk Land, LA Dreams, and Hell’s Village). And yes, there are pets to raise and they’ll help you earn more coins too.

Seriously, when you need a little break, this game is great for relaxing and it’s free.

2. Get Paid for Playing Match 3 Games

Match To Win Level 40

Puzzle game lovers will love this free-to-play game to win cash through 300+ vacay-esque levels like Hawaii, Paris, San Francisco, and more.

It’s super simple. When you clear a level, you earn coins, which are redeemable for instant win scratchers, prize wheels, and sweepstakes up to $2,500. Cash out via PayPal when you reach $7.

Currently, I’m at level 45 so see if you can get past me 😉

3. When You Want to Earn $750 This Week

Technically you can only do this once a year, but you can get $750 direct deposited into your Cash App account and all you have to do is try out some deals.

Seriously, anyone 18+ can join this rewards program that’s been around since 2016 and has rewarded $11 million dollars to members over time.

BUT IMPORTANT: You have to follow the instructions carefully to get your money

The program shows you “deals” they think you’d like, for instance, mobile apps and games, subscriptions, financial services, etc. Each type of deal you choose has its own mini task to complete.

  1. Sign up for free and fill out basic info (Email, Name, etc.)
  2. Take a quick Survey (it helps them figure out what offers & deals to recommend you)
  3. See if any Offers interest you (optional)
  4. Important: Get to Level 5 and follow the instructions on completing the specific number of deals for each level

You won’t get your reward if you don’t complete the required amount of deals. It definitely takes a little more effort but it’s legit. Get your $750!

And that’s it, hopefully, these things will keep you from getting bored and net you a little extra cash too!