Get Paid to Be a Virtual Santa This Holiday Season

Santa Claus
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Holiday cheer might be hard to spread this year, as we near December with stopping the spread of coronavirus as one of our top priorities. That means holiday traditions are being upended as well. For those who celebrate Christmas, for instance, there will be no photos on Santa Claus’ lap this year.

To make up for the usual mall-Santa rush, companies are adopting various strategies. Some are putting Santas in plexiglass snowglobes, while others are hosting virtual meetings with Kris Kringle. If you’re looking for a way to share some smiles this winter, the company Live Calls With Santa is hiring virtual Saint Nicks.

Do you have a jolly personality, great skills with kids, and a passing resemblance to Santa Claus? Then here’s a gig that’ll bring you cheer and cash.

Virtual Visits With Santa

As a virtual Santa at Live Calls With Santa, you’ll connect with children from the U.S. and Canada in need of some Christmas magic. Obviously, you’d have big shoes to fill, and the company has high standards for potential Santas. They’re looking for strong communicators, particularly people who are good with kids. And while you’d only be standing in for the real Santa, Live Calls wants people who can really get into the character. You should also probably get a grasp on the hottest children’s toys of the year, so you can really wow the kids that come to see you.

Each virtual call will last roughly five minutes, and you’ll chat with one or two kids at a time. Scheduling is in three-hour blocks and pay is $25 per hour, so you’ll get $75 for every shift you pull as Santa.

Of course, Santa doesn’t work alone. Live Calls With Santa will provide you a themed backdrop, as well as a microphone and webcam if needed. You’ll also have a customer support elf working with you, and you can refer to them on any issues that come up.

Job Requirements

In addition to having a strong internet connection and a computer with video call capabilities, you should have:

  • Your own costume
  • A real beard
  • Effective time management skills
  • A private, quiet space at home to take calls

It wouldn’t hurt to practice your “ho, ho, ho!” either. Lastly, it’s critical that you can calmly and comfortably handle anything the kids throw at you. While the job doesn’t require any previous experience working as a Santa or with children, you need to be able to step into the suit quickly.

Interested applicants should submit a resume and headshot directly to hr [at] You can find more info about the job here!

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