Honey is Giving Away $1 Million in Gifts This Year

Christmas presents and the Honey logo

Note: Honey is not a sponsor of this article, but there is a referral link. If you sign up for free through it, I’ll get bonus points for sharing the Honey love. Shout out to Demi Diaz for letting us know that she won $250 through this giveaway!

Honey, a coupon-aggregating browser extension, is known for its ability to find savings. When you use Honey while online shopping, the service will run all available coupon codes through your order, and find you the most savings. This holiday season, Honey is upping the ante. As opposed to finding discounts, Honey is paying out $1 million in gifts for its users.

Here’s how you can get Honey to help you with holiday shopping this year!

Honey $1 Million Holiday Giveaway

First things first, to even have a chance at winning anything, you need to have Honey downloaded to your browser. As a user for the last five years, I can highly recommend it. The extension is never intrusive or annoying, but often notifies me of coupons or price drops to help me save. It’s seriously a must-have for anyone who online shops.

This year, the company is buying $1 million worth of holiday gifts for its users. Entering the giveaway is actually super simple: all you need to do is create a list of items you want, and Honey will randomly select winners and gift them items from their premade lists.

Once you have the extension, you’ll need to sign up for a Honey account. For the purposes of this giveaway, you only need to provide your first and last name when registering. With Honey downloaded, you’ll start seeing a tab with Honey’s logo when you’re shopping online. Clicking that tab gives you the option to add whatever item you’re viewing to your “Droplist,” a feature that lets you track price changes in items you’re interested in.

After adding an item to your droplist, you should add it to the “Honey Holiday” collection. Any items on your droplist, up to 50 things, will be considered as automatic entries into the giveaway. Each week between now and Christmas, Honey will be giving away 2,680 gifts, broken down by price:

  • 1,200 prizes per week up to $25
  • 1,000 prizes per week up to $50
  • 300 prizes per week up to $100
  • 120 prizes per week up to $250
  • 60 prizes per week greater than $250

Below is an example of an item in my Amazon shopping cart that I’ve sent to my Honey Holiday droplist. It’s effortless to do and can end up reaping major rewards!

The final drawing period ends at 11:59 PT on December 21st, and all winners should be notified by the 22nd. The sooner you add items to your droplist, the better odds you have of winning!

For instance, one of our own, Alice, got the great news that she got something from her drop list taken care of. The email she received:

Email screenshot of winning an item from Honey Holidays promotion
An email from Honey notifying that a selected item will be granted! | Alice Ly

When you win, they send an email similar to above and the amount to your PayPal. In this case, Alice got the $100 prize even though the skillet is retail valued at $69.95.


While Honey works with most major online retailers, it isn’t functional everywhere. Only items added from sites where the extension works can be gifted in the giveaway. In addition, the company reserves the right to exclude any item deemed obscene, sexual, illegal, or violent.

Otherwise, the giveaway is open to any U.S. resident older than 18. You can check out the full rules and regulations here. 

Winners are announced every week, so build out your droplist as soon as possible!

And even if you don’t win any prizes this holiday season, Honey is a great browser extension to keep long-term. The program can not only help you find coupons and discounts but also track price changes and know when you’re overpaying. It’s truly invaluable!

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