Get Paid Up to $50,000 to Live in Iceland for 6 Months

Iceland just completed a new and overwhelmingly successful 4-day workweek trial, and now 86% of their workforce have moved to shorter hours for the same pay or will eventually get the rights to.

Since we won’t know if the U.S. will ever implement that same trial, siggi’s dairy, (the American brand of skyr – an Icelandic version of yogurt) is offering a once-in-a-lifetime paid opportunity to live in Iceland for up to 6 months as a freelancer! This gig will be perfect for those looking to test out a simpler life, along with possessing strong writing skills and a love for photography.

How to Get Paid to Live in Iceland

siggi’s dairy is looking for a Chief Simplicity Offic-skyr to spend time in Iceland living that simpler life and documenting what that might look like, as well as share any learnings that could help the U.S. adopt the 4-day workweek faster!

Since Iceland is typically part of the top five happiest countries in the world, this is a great time to apply to experience their gorgeous nature and friendly culture rich with Viking history. Plus, you’ll get paid up to $50,000 for your time there.

What the role will entail:

  • Document “simplicity and living” that originally inspired the yogurt brand
  • Share photos and research of what the best ways to live a simple life in Iceland
  • Get inspired by Icelandic foods to suggest new yogurt flavors
  • Document Iceland’s nature experiences like the aurora borealis, glaciers, waterfalls, and more!
  • Creating content for siggi’s social platforms

And you won’t be figuring it out all alone. siggi’s will connect you to their local vendors and contacts to make sure you’ll experience everything Iceland has to offer!

Who Can Apply, and What’s the Deadline?

Any U.S. citizen, along with lawful permanent residents of the U.S., can apply! You must also have a valid passport for international travel.

And while there is no official deadline, they do aim to choose a freelancer by the end of this year, so get your applications in. Fill out the simple form to apply, and good luck!

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