Goalry Review: Meet Your Financial Goals Fast With This Super Platform

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Managing your finances takes discipline to design a method that meets your needs.

While several platforms can help you with financial planning, most focus on savings goals, investing, or building credit.

Having a membership for each goal can be hard to keep track of, and it’s understandable why many users get overwhelmed and give up on making progress altogether.

However, Goalry’s mission is to be your go-to place for finances. Find out what the platform offers and how it can help you achieve your goals!

What Is Goalry?

In 2015, Goalry was created as a one-stop shop for managing money.

Their easy-to-use design resembles a multi-layer shopping mall, where you can easily access anything related to your finances in one place. With ten different “stores” to track your goals, tons of educational content, and an active social community, it’s no wonder the platform’s users enjoy it so much!

How To Plan Your Finances With Goalry

Like your favorite mall, Goalry has three “floors” with everything you need to plan your financial future! Here are some of the platform’s key features:

Floor One: Social Community

When you surround yourself with a supportive network of like-minded people who want to see you succeed, you feel a lot more motivated to make moves.

Goalry facilitates this on its first floor, giving users access to a community of users who are also working on their goals. Chat with financial experts, share your progress, and encourage others to reach their milestones.

Floor Two: Finance Education

With 11 different blogs, over 2000 articles, and 400 videos, Goalry’s second floor is full of valuable content to help you on your financial journey.

The platform organizes the material based on the mall’s stores, representing a different personal finance topic. For example, if you want to learn more about paying off debt, Goalry’s “Debtry Store” content has tips and resources to help you tackle it effectively.

Floor Three: Finance Stores

Goalry’s third floor has 10 different stores that enable users to take action toward completing a specific financial goal. Some of these include:

The Debtry Store: This category lets you connect as many accounts as you want to help you keep track of what you need to pay. You can also set goals, monitor your debt-to-income ratio, and help seamlessly prioritize and pay off your bills!

The Budgetry Store: If you want an easier way to manage monthly expenses, this category will help you instantly. Goalry’s Budgetry Store lets you easily create, monitor, and adjust a personal budget that fits your needs.

The Taxry Store: The site’s backend can connect you with tax professionals and other service providers to make tax season more convenient. Goalry also lets you compare tax management options to see which preparation firm is right for you.


The Goals tab gives you an overview of any specific milestones you set in one of the site’s stores. From saving up for your vacation to paying off college loans, you can see a holistic view of your overall progress and financial health.

Additionally, if you have a goal that doesn’t fit into any fixed categories, this tab lets you add a new one on the spot!

Is Goalry Free To Use?

Goalry has three membership plans: Basic, Premium, and Annual. The basic plan is free until you connect a credit card or bank account. After you add one, the site gives you a FREE 30-day trial to try the full version.

If you decide to move forward with it, the monthly membership fee is $5, and the Annual one costs $48 for an entire year.

The Bottom Line

No matter what your financial goal is, managing so many passwords and other unnecessary information to pay your bills can take time and effort. But Goalry’s mall makes it ridiculously easy for anyone to design a financial plan they’ll use.

For the price of a coffee, you can organize your budget, build your wealth, and access a wealth of personal finance content you can learn from. If you’re ready to go “window shopping” and give Goalry a try, sign up and take advantage of their FREE 30-day trial!

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