Google Banking: What You Should Know


Google probably already plays a big part in your life but the tech giant isn’t quite satisfied with its current internet dominance. Google plans to expand into the finance and banking fields this year as well. In November, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google was working on a project, called Cache, to partner with credit unions and banks to offer checking accounts to consumers.

Project Cache is set to launch sometime this year, but details are still relatively light. Here’s what we know so far, and we’ll keep you updated as new information comes out.

The Google Cache Project

Google is partnering with Citigroup and Stanford Federal Credit Union to underpin their initiative. The Stanford Credit Union is a 15-minute drive from Google’s California headquarters, so it was a natural fit.

Some of Google’s top competitors, such as Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, have taken big strides in personal finance in the past few years, so it should be no surprise that Google is throwing its hat into the ring. The project, when launched, will work through the Google Pay app, which the company is looking to drive users to.

Google is already a leader in data collection, and Cache should only add to its… cache. Caesar Sengupta, an executive with the company, told the Wall Street Journal that Google will not be selling any personal data collected through Cache. However, checking account information will obviously provide some important consumer insights.

Depending on how the details of Google Cache shake out, a lot of consumers could welcome a banking alternative. Only 30 percent of Americans have full confidence in banks, according to data from the American Enterprise Institute.

But for now, we’re left waiting until more information comes out about Google checking accounts. In the meantime, read up on the pros and cons of online banking to get a general idea of what you might be dealing with.