How Dropshop Relieves Buy Now, Pay Later Debt with Earned Discounts

If you’ve shopped for anything online, you’ve seen “buy now, pay later” options where your total purchase can be split into equal installments with little to no interest. You’ll get the item in hand after paying the first installment and, over X months, pay off the rest.

It’s convenient for the buyer to repay the loan in bite-sized chunks, but only useful if they’re disciplined enough not to make impulse purchases. Since it’s so easy to have multiple BNPL loans, buyers have found themselves in debt of thousands of dollars.*

But now there’s another payment option that’s even more intriguing and won’t put the buyer at potential financial risk. It’s “do more, spend less.” That’s what newcomer Dropshop offers to online shoppers, so let’s dive deeper into how it works.

What is Dropshop?

Dropshop is a unique ecommerce platform that lets you earn exclusive discounts via brand discovery in the form of tasks. Hence, “do more, spend less.” But what does that really mean, and what do you have to do?

Let’s say you’ve been eyeing a pair of AirPods Max but don’t have the willpower to shell out the money (even in installments) because:

A. It’s $549 for headphones
B. You just want to pay less

Knowing that particular products just never go on sale unless the retailer adds some store credit promotion or you get the item secondhand, you know that high price will stay around that high price.

So if you don’t want to spend that money, maybe you have time to spare, and that’s where Dropshop comes in.

On their site, you just need to do 19 tasks to get the AirPods Max. Let me repeat that: you just have to do 19 tasks and you can get it for $0.00. Don’t want to do 19? Then you’ll get exclusive discounts the more you complete. Do more, spend less.

If you’re new to Dropshop, signing up for free already counts as 1 completed task, so now you’re left with 18 tasks remaining.

What are the Dropshop tasks?

Tasks range from trying out games, streaming services, free trials, and more. We’ve seen tasks that include getting to a certain level in a game, trying out a Disney or Amazon Music streaming service, or even checking your credit score.

There’s a wide mix of options, allowing you to pick what YOU want to do to earn enough credits to redeem your item. When you complete a task, you’ll earn one credit. Sometimes, a task can give you two to three credits, so look for those to maximize your time!

Examples of tasks that give multiple credits for completion

Dropshop tasks are mostly free, but some have a small purchase for products or services you may already be interested in, like streaming services or useful apps. If the task costs money, it’ll clearly be shown in the Price section so you can decide whether to proceed. There can be instances where 19 tasks could cost $50 out of pocket based on the tasks YOU choose and are interested in. That’s money spent on services you wanted anyway to get the Airpods Max (or another item of your choice) for FREE.

You’ll also see an estimated amount of Time to complete that task. Everything is transparently shown, so you’ll know what to expect!

And since you’re completing tasks to earn the item you want, you’re not putting yourself at financial risk of debt, whereas lumping multiple BNPL loans can catch up quickly and haunt you later. It’s too easy to hit that “buy now, pay later” button, leading to overspending.

With Dropshop, you can focus on the item you truly want and work towards it with tasks!

What Happens When Tasks Aren’t Completed?

Your item disappears.


Even when you don’t want to complete all the tasks required, you can still buy the item.

Example of how task discounts work

But what’s even better now is that your item will be discounted depending on the number of tasks you’ve completed.

Remember, you can complete ALL the tasks to get the item for free. But let’s say if you complete 2 out of 6 tasks, like the example shown here, your item will be heavily discounted, and you’ll still benefit.

We can’t say how much the discount will be percentage-wise since it varies on the product, but you’ll see the price broken down before you decide.


Is Dropshop Legit? Who is it Best For?

Dropshop has partnered with over 100,000 product manufacturers and nearly 500 brands to bring this unique ecommerce experience to shoppers who don’t mind spending time to earn the item instead of paying full price. If you want the item immediately, this isn’t for you.

But by completing X amount of tasks, you can get the item you want for free OR heavily discounted depending on the number of tasks left. Products on Dropshop vary from top tech items like the iPhone 15 Pro to beauty, like the Dyson Airwrap. There are plenty to choose from!

If by the time you complete the tasks and the item isn’t in stock with their suppliers, Dropshop will send you an e-gift card instead to purchase from a different site. Regardless, if you complete the tasks, you’ll get the item or value equal to it!

Ready to get started? It’s simple.

  1. Head to Dropshop to browse their trending items
  2. Pick what item you want
  3. Work on the number of tasks for that item
  4. Complete the number of tasks to control the price all the way to 100% off!

Basically, Dropshop is a great way to earn top products in tech, entertainment, toys, and beauty without the risk of saddling potential debt; it just takes some time and patience!

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