Fall In Love With Financial Wellness: How Score Is Transforming The Dating World

One swipe is all it takes to seal your chances. But the Score app is giving dating life a fun twist by making your financial health a crucial part of finding your other half.

Whether we like to admit it or not, money is a huge part of relationships. This app’s approach sparks the necessary conversations that potential couples need before taking anything further.

Learn more about how Score could redefine your love life and financial habits!

What Is Score?

Score is an innovative dating app that only accepts users with a minimum credit score of 675.

Launched by the forward-thinking Neon Money Club, the platform wants to connect individuals who want to unite people with a common interest in good financial health.

According to the CEO Luke Bailey, there’s a common belief that many people neglect a potential partner’s finances when trying to find love. The app encourages users to build relationships built on honesty and mutual financial goals by requiring a decent credit score.

And the founders may be on to something. Research shows that those with higher credit scores have better luck forming committed relationships than those who don’t.

So why not bring these people together on one app to help them find each other?

Does The App Affect Your Credit Score?

When you sign up to Score, the app will run a credit check to determine eligibility. Thankfully, it won’t impact users’ credit score and other users won’t be able to see it.

The app’s algorithm also doesn’t pair users based on their credit scores, giving both of you a chance to discuss it and build a meaningful conversation.

Signing Up For Score

The sign-up process for Score includes a credit check that doesn’t affect your credit score. If you have a 675 or above, you can complete your profile and start matching!

But even if you don’t have a high enough score, no worries. You’ll have a 90-day trial period and access to resources to help you improve your finances.

You’ll be on that app quickly with some patience and financial discipline.

How To Boost Your Credit Score

Is your credit score too low to sign up? Here’s how to change that:

1. Limit Your Credit Applications

Every time you apply for a new line of credit, whether a credit card or a loan, the lender will do a “hard inquiry” to check your score. When this process happens, it can temporarily lower your credit score for a short period.

A couple of inquiries won’t make a massive difference. But when you’re applying for new cards like there’s no tomorrow, expect to see a lower score. Only do it when necessary to prevent your credit score from taking a hit.

2. Don’t Close Your Old Accounts

Credit history length is a crucial key to a healthy credit score. That said, always keep your accounts open, even if you never use your card. The longer and more positive your credit history is with that lender, the more you’ll boost your credit score!

3. Pay Above The Minimum

We understand money’s tight these days, but paying the minimum on your debts will keep you much longer. If you have some extra money, try to send an additional payment, especially on debts with higher interest rates. You’ll pay everything off faster, lower your credit utilization ratio, and boost your credit score simultaneously.

The Bottom Line

Score is slowly transforming the dating app scene by helping you maintain financial wellness and find love.

If your partner’s finances are important to you, Score is perfect for those who value love and fiscal responsibility.

Ready to find your life partner? Get yourself out there and start matching!

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