How to Legitimately and Instantly Boost Your Credit Scores for Free

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Many major institutions use your credit score to determine if it’s worth the risk to allow you to borrow money, open a credit card, rent an apartment, get that car, and even get that smartphone.

That’s why it’s SO important to keep tabs on your credit score and to keep it as high as possible.

Instantly Boost Your Score for Free

Regardless of what your current score is, it can always be improved.

That’s why more than 3.9 million people have started using Experian Boost™ to give their credit score…you guessed it, a “boost” and for free.

For those who saw an increase, it was an average of 13 points, which is typically enough to get you into the next tier range in some cases. Users may even experience a higher boost but results may vary.

It’s instant because Experian® will add your positive payment history from the utility, phone, AND streaming services bills to your Experian credit file. Yes, even your Netflix® and Disney+™ payments will count!

What Members Are Saying

“Experian Boost helped me lower my auto payment by $63/month!” – Arthur R.

“I just boosted my credit score 28 points and I can’t believe how easy it was.” – Camila A.

And if for any reason, you don’t like your credit scores after signing up, you can always choose to remove the boost.

Deciphering Your Credit Score 

The average credit score in America is 710.

Here are the credit score ranges:

800 and above = Exceptional
740 – 799 = Very Good
670 – 739 = Good
580 – 669 = Fair
579 or lower = Poor

How do you compare against others in your age range?

Generation Z (18 to 23) = 674 average
Millennials (24 to 39) = 680 average
Generation X (40 to 55) = 699 average
Baby boomers (56 to 74) = 736 average
Silent generation (75+) = 758 average