Jackson Hewitt Is Celebrating Its 40th Birthday With A “Double Your Tax Refund” Sweepstakes

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With the IRS giving out smaller tax refunds this year, many Americans seem even less excited than usual for 2023’s tax season.

However, Jackson Hewitt is encouraging thousands of taxpayers with its new sweepstakes!

The second-largest tax preparation company is celebrating its 40th birthday by offering those who do their taxes with them a chance to double their tax refunds or win a generous cash prize.

While no prize is guaranteed, Jackson Hewitt’s sweepstakes will give taxpayers something to look forward to this filing season. Our quick guide will go through how to sign up for a chance to boost your tax return and this year’s major tax updates. Let’s begin!

What’s New For Tax Season 2023?

Each year, the IRS comes out with new updates to its tax code.

Here’s a quick rundown of the main ones you should keep an eye on:

  • The IRS raised standard deductions to $13,850 for single filers and $27,700 for married couples.
  • A slight increase in income tax brackets adjusted for inflation.
  • Foreign income earners can enjoy an income exclusion increase of $8,000 to up to $120,000.
  • Those earning below $73,000 can prepare their taxes using major tax preparation software for free.
  • This season, you’ll get a smaller tax refund because pandemic-era payments have been phased out.
  • If you file electronically, you’ll receive your tax refund in less than three weeks.
  • There are new free preparation services, including the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VTA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs.

When’s The Tax Filing Deadline In 2023?

Tax season officially started on January 23, 2023. There’s also a three-day extension to file your taxes, and you have until April 18, 2023, to submit your tax information. If you need an extension, October 16, 2023, is the last day you can file.

Always file as early as you can to avoid missing the deadline!

How Does The “Double Your Tax Refund” Sweepstakes Work?

Now that you’re all caught up with the new changes let’s take a closer look at Jackson Hewitt’s sweepstakes.

Jackson Hewitt’s program offers 40 lucky Grand Prize winners the chance to receive a check for up to $15,000 in the matching tax refund amount.

For example, let’s say your final tax return is $2,000. If you win the grand prize, you’ll get a generous sum of $4,000 this filing season!

Besides the top prize, Jackson Hewitt will give out $400 checks to up to 480 runner-up winners. Those who file and won’t receive a refund this tax season can also win a grand prize of $1,500.

How To Sign Up

The company’s sweepstakes are only open to legal residents of the continental US and the District of Columbia. You also need to have filed your taxes electronically and have them acknowledged by the IRS before the deadline. Here’s how to sign up:

File Your Taxes With Jackson Hewitt
You will automatically enroll in the sweepstakes if you file your taxes online or through one of the company’s tax preparers during an entry period. The cutoff date for the last round of entries is April 2, 2023.

By Mail
Participating in the sweepstakes by mail is a more complicated process. You need to send in your entry with your name, the exact date you filed your taxes, home address, and phone number in a #10 business envelope to the following address:

Jackson Hewitt Double Your Refund Sweepstakes
PO Box 16470, Rochester, NY 14616

Make sure your envelope is postmarked by the Monday following the day you filed your tax returns, and the office receives it before the entry period deadline.

The Bottom Line

Even if filing taxes isn’t your favorite thing to do each year, Jackson Hewitt’s 40th-anniversary sweepstakes is a reason to get excited to submit them as soon as possible.

From winning a $400 check to doubling your tax refund, you definitely want to take advantage of this opportunity. Remember to file your tax return online or with one of Jackson Hewitt’s professional tax preparers to have a chance to enter!

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