20 Last-Minute Homemade Gifts That Everyone Will Love

A custom mug and a custom mason jar

If you’re still scrambling for a last-minute gift, worry no longer. No matter who you have left on your list, you can easily make a personalized gift they’ll love. And it won’t break your budget either.

With some craftsmanship, you can whip up one of these DIY homemade gifts just in time to get it under the tree.

1. Self-Designed Mugs


This is the perfect gift for the coffee drinker in your life. Instead of buying a pre-designed mug, find a blank one and decorate it yourself. You can cater it perfectly to whoever you’re giving it to, and they’ll always have a smile when they get their coffee. You’ll need acrylic paint and brushes to make your masterpiece, or you can draw with Sharpies. Once you’re done designing, pop your mug in the oven to let the paint dry, then voila, it’ll withstand washings!

2. DIY Wine Glasses


Just like with the coffee mug, a wine glass you paint or design yourself will come with a great personal touch. The idea is pretty much the same, too: put your own flair onto a wine glass, bake it, and admire your custom handy work.

3. Anything in a Mason Jar


Mason jars are perfect for DIY gifts. You can basically use them as prettier stocking stuffers! For instance, if you have a friend who’s really into film, you can make them a movie-themed mason jar. Fill half the jar with popcorn kernels and top it off with a bag of popcorn and free movie tickets. Another idea is giving someone a recipe in a jar. For instance, put layers of sugar, flour, baking soda, and chocolate chips in a mason jar to gift someone a cute cookie mix!

4. Tin Can Lanterns


With nothing but a hammer and nails, you can turn an ordinary tin can into a beautiful Christmas gift. Fill a tin can with water and freeze it overnight. Once it’s frozen, lightly tap the design you want into the can. Once you’re done, rinse, the can to get the ice out, and test out your new lantern by putting a candle or LED light inside. For an extra touch, you can paint the can too.

5. Personalized Notebooks

The Spruce Crafts

While this gift is probably better for kids still in school, a well-designed notebook is great for anyone of all ages. You’ll need a notebook (obviously) and whatever crafts you want to use. Depending on who the notebook is for, you’ll want paint, stickers, ribbons, markers, or cotton balls.

6. Homemade Cookies


Almost any dessert can be a great gift, but cookies are universally loved and easy to make. They’re a great gift to party hosts or anyone you know with a sweet tooth. If you have the time, skip the store-bought dough and whip up a batch from scratch. Your effort to make the cookies great will make the gift even sweeter.

You can even wrap the cookies in cellophane and put it in the tin can lantern gift idea above for a double whammy!

7. DIY Sugar Scrub

Wellness Mama

Sugar scrubs are incredible. They’re good for your skin and the environment and edible too! Like all high-quality beauty products, sugar scrubs can be a bit expensive so you can make your own at a fraction of the cost. All you need is sugar, oil, and a jar. A homemade sugar scrub doesn’t take much work but can go a long way as a gift.

8. Wine Cork Fridge Magnets


Making a fridge magnet might seem difficult, but it’s super easy if you know what you’re doing. Find a cork from your giftee’s favorite type of wine, hollow out a hole in the back, and use a hot glue gun to stick a magnet to the hole in the cork. Then it’ll stick seamlessly to the fridge!

9. Wooden Candle Holders

Architecture Art Designs

Candles can brighten up a room, but a nice candle holder is what really brings the charm. The possibilities are basically endless, too, so you can make a candle holder that fits any fashion sense. You’ll need wood and some shaping tools, and then you can make a beautiful candle holder.

10. Mounted Photos

It’s Always Autumn

With a little bit of foam, you can turn a simple photo or print into a gallery-quality mounted picture. You don’t need to spend too much time or money to make a mounted photo, but it’s a perfect gift for anyone in your life. Simply flatten out your photo, attach it to a foam board, and use a knife to trim around the edges.

11. Homemade Snow Globes


Snow globes make great Christmas gifts, but making one yourself can turn it into the perfect present. They’re actually pretty simple to make; all you need is an empty jar and whatever you want to have in your snow globe. Fill the jar with water, glycerin, glitter, and confetti, then glue your centerpiece to the lid of the jar. Screw on the lid, flip the jar, and you’ll have a homemade snow globe!

12. DIY Ornaments

Good Housekeeping

What you’ll need are a clear glass ornament and your imagination. You can paint the outside of the ornament to give it some nice pop, or you can fill the inside if you’re feeling extra crafty. For instance, you can fill it with red paper, glue a face on the front, and suddenly have a hand-made Elmo ornament!

13. Personalized Self Care Basket

Retro Housewife Goes Green

A self-care basket is perfect for someone who needs to treat themselves this year. Depending on who your basket is for, you can fill it with anything from bath bombs, to lotions, to hair products. It’s a gift that’ll last a long time and can really help boost a person’s spirits. You can also gift this to yourself – you deserve it.

14. Redeemable Coupons

Homemade Gifts Made Easy

This gift works best with your significant other, but you can make it for anyone. Handwrite coupons that can be redeemed for the next year. Any time a coupon is returned to you, pay out what you offered – whether it’s cooking dinner, doing the laundry, or anything else, you can think of.

15. Gingerbread Men

Gluten-Free on a Shoestring

No dessert says Christmas like a gingerbread man. It takes a bit of work to make gingerbread, but it’s a great treat to give to friends or enjoy with family on Christmas. Plus, you can make gluten-free gingerbread cookies!

16. DIY Coasters

The Thinking Closet

There are endless ways to design a coaster by hand. You can paint or decorate a plain one or even make your own from stone, cork, or wood. You can make the coaster as creative as you like, and it’ll be a permanent fixture in anyone’s home.


Kate Hadfield Designs

If you know any bookworms, a personalized bookmark is a great idea for a last-minute gift. Designs can be simple – just cut out some construction paper and get to work. You can add bands, ribbons, paint, or anything else you think will make for a nice touch. In addition to your art, you can also print images and stick them on the bookmark.

18. Painted Pencils

Made To Be A Momma

Painted pencils are pretty easy to make, but they are a perfect gift for children still in school to stand out in the classroom. You can paint it however you like, but adding any extra color to the standard yellow pencil will really make it pop.

19. Personalized Apron

Best Creations Inc.

This is the perfect gift for the master chef in your life. Instead of the classic “Kiss the Cook” apron, opt to custom-make one for a friend or family member. You can get iron-on letters and write any phrase you want, or paint and draw a design instead. If you can sew, you can stitch something as well!

20. Hand Designed Phone Case


No gift will keep you on someone’s mind like a personalized phone case. Everyone’s always on their phone, so a cover you design yourself is a great gift for someone close to you. Pick up a clear phone case and get to work! You can use acrylics, stickers, markers, or even stick-on tattoos.

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