5 Must-Have Stocking Stuffers Under $15

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The holidays are fast approaching… While this proclamation should inspire joy and excitement, some anxiety and guilt might be mixed in at that impending deadline. Is there anyone you haven’t bought a gift for yet? Are you running out of time to find that perfect stocking stuffer that doesn’t break the bank? Well, this list is perfect for you!

1. A Rechargeable Lighter

This sleek lighter zaps flames to life with a quick button click! No more worrying about lighter fluid or having flames too close to your fingers; this 7-inch electric lighter does the trick.

A treble safety design that also automatically turns off the ignition spark after 10 seconds stops you from starting accidental fires. Rechargeable via USB-C, this device is portable and convenient!

Available in 7 colors on Amazon, starting at $9.89!

Top Review (from 29K 5-star ratings):
“I love this little candle lighter. Gone are the days when I’ve had to flip my candle upside in hopes of getting it to light without burning my fingers. I use this lil thing so often and I’ve only charged it once since I’ve purchased it! It’s easy to use, the battery life is long, the grip is comfortable, it tells you how much battery life you have left, and my fav part is that it turns off if you press the button for too long! Highly recommend for all you candle lovers out there!”

2. Mini Waffle Maker

Making waffles always feels too daunting a chore to begin, even when you’re craving one. Well, these mini 4-inch waffle makers are perfect for the job! Easy to use and easy to clean!

With 179,489 5-star ratings, this is a tried and true favorite of shoppers and breakfast lovers. Coming in 23 color options at only $10.99 on Amazon!

Furthermore, according to a top review, you can make more than just waffles:
“Will it waffle? is the new challenge we play with this delightful mini waffle maker. It’s amazing how many things you can cook in one of these beauties! I’ve cooked canned cinnamon rolls (my grandkids’ favorite!), leftover mashed potatoes, cornbread, hash browns, and the most delicious breakfast omelet waffle! I also had success with a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. I use it almost every day. It heats up quickly and is a breeze to clean; I’ve just ordered a second one so we can have a backup.”

3. Claw Clip Set

These sets of 4 matte hair claw clips come in various colors! They’re nonstick, suited for all hair types, including curly hair, and are sturdy at 4.3 inches long. Whoever you give these to will feel chic and fashionable as they pin up their long locks effortlessly!

They start at $12.99

Top Review (shortened because of how much this lady was gushing!):
“I was skeptical when I saw these touted on social media, but they are the BEST LARGE CLAW CLIPS I’VE EVER OWNED! I started using this style of clip back in the late 90s because I have very thick, wavy-in-a-crazy-way hair. I’m not good at styling my hair, and wearing it up in any bun or ponytail is painful because of the weight, so these types of clips are perfect. However, finding one that could actually contain and hold my hair was no small feat. So many of the ones I’d find were laughably small, and too many of the large ones had weak springs that were no match for my hair…Then I saw these, and I took the chance. To my surprise, THEY WORK, and not only that, they work BETTER than the rest I’ve owned.”

4. Animal Tea Infusers

These eco-friendly critters come in many animals, including elephants, bunnies, hedgehogs, and more! Fill one with your favorite loose-leaf tea and perch on your cup (they’re designed not to fall in) to enjoy perfectly brewed tea.

They start at only $9.99 here!

Top Review:
“This tea diffuser is fun, practical, and cute. I have brewed three tea varieties with this diffuser and encountered no issues with clogging or the diffuser coming apart. The flexible material it is made from makes cleaning not too difficult compared to other diffusers.”

5. TubShroom

Finally, one for the connoisseurs of grossness in your family (the kind that watches pimple-popping videos)! The TubShroom drain protector and hair catcher are designed to catch any human or pet hair without disrupting the water flow in your tub, preventing clogged drains and plumber visits. That means you end up with a fascinating clump of hair AND clean pipes!

Coming in 6 colors for $12.99 at Amazon

Top Review:
“My daughter and I lose enough hair each shower to make a small area rug, it seems. My husband snaked the drain monthly of the hair that our drain cover missed. I got one of these; he hasn’t had to snake in months. The amount of hair it catches is GROSS! But it’s not going down the drain, and he’s happy that we have to deal with it, not him. If you have hair, this is a MUST for your shower!!!”

The Bottom Line

These amazing gifts show that great presents don’t need a large price tag! Thoughtful and useful gifts will always win out. So buy that hedgehog tea infuser or waffle maker and show you care!

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