Live Out Your Irish Island Dreams with a Friend at Great Blasket (Room and Board Included)

If you’ve ever wanted to live on a remote island but wasn’t quite sure how well you’d fare, how about trying it out for 7 months?

You won’t be lonely as you can bring a friend too.

A recent Twitter post from The Great Blasket Island announced this position

And when we say remote, we mean it because it can only be accessible by boat due to its secluded location.

The Great Blasket Island is located off the Irish Coast near Dingle and has a population of zero if you don’t count the seals that live there but the summer season brings in tourists. The tourists stay in the cottages on the island, bask in the beautiful scenery, and watch the local wildlife.

That peak summer season is why they’re looking for a temporary long-term caretaker for the Island Accommodation and Coffee Shop. In their Twitter or Facebook post, no salary was mentioned but room and board are so you’ll know you’ll have a place to stay with all meals covered for yourself and a friend.

To apply for the position you can email Alice at [email protected]

So if you’ve been looking to slow down from your hectic life this could be a great opportunity to test the waters! Also, this island looks like it can be a set of a Hallmark movie.

And by the way, there’s no electricity. Only candles, stoves, and torches. So yes, you’d be disconnecting from technology too.