Lucky Miner App Review: Play Games and Earn Cash

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If you’re looking to kill time, and you’re bored of your old games, you may want to take a look at one app that rewards you for downloading new games.

What is Lucky Miner? 

Lucky Miner is a free app that gives players the opportunity to win money by gaming on their mobile devices. 

Lucky Miner says it has no in-app purchases or deposits and is 100% free to download and use. Players can discover new games that will allow them to earn “coins,” currency that is then exchanged for gift cards and cash rewards.

Coins can be redeemed via PayPal, or for Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, PlayStation gift cards and more.

How Does Lucky Miner Work?

Once you download the Lucky Miner app, you can install and play a wide variety of games. The app says you collect coins for every second you spend playing.

For example, the app may advertise the FanFuel Fantasy Football app, enticing you to download it and then giving you a number of coins once you do so. The app also features a wide range of gaming apps and shopping apps.

The more you use each app, the more money that you stand to earn.

Players can redeem coins at any time once they have a certain amount saved. The minimum payout for Lucky Miner is just $0.50, or 5,000 coins.

Can You Make Money? Is Lucky Miner Legit? 

Lucky Miner has a 4.2- out of 5.0-star review on the Google Play Store, based on approximately 60,000 reviews.

While most reviewers give the app five stars, negative reviews accuse it of being a “scam.”

One individual wrote in a review on the Google Play store in April 2019, that he had been building up credits for a few months in order to get a 20 euro credit. When he got close to his goal, he said the Lucky Miner app kicked him off for suspicious activity on his account. When he reached out to the company by email multiple times, he indicated that he did not receive a response. 

Fans of the app, such as one YouTube blogger, like it because of its quick payouts. Another reviewer pointed to the fact that the app gives you 4,444 points off the bat, almost as much as you need to cash out on the first day.

The same blogger added that even if you don’t like the games, you can still make money by running the application in the background without even playing. He recommended buying a few cheap phones and keeping Lucky Miner and other pay to download apps running.

Is Lucky Miner Available for Everyone? 

Luck Miner is only available via the Android Google Play store. Otherwise, there are no major restrictions on who can download and earn money.

Is The App Worth Your Time? 

Many Lucky Miner reviews indicate that the app offers small payouts relative to the amount of time spent on the app. That said, its low withdrawal minimums could make it more attractive than other apps of its kind.

For those of you that have time on your hands and are already playing games on your phone, why not try to win money while you’re at it?

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