Make $500 Eating Pizza and Watching Netflix

A pepperoni pizza pie in a takeout box
Alan Hardman | Unsplash

Get ready for the perfect way to spend a winter weekend: Netflix, pizza, and cash. BonusFinder is looking to hire a Binge Watcher / Pizza Tester to do arguably the best job in the world. The gig pays $500 for binging a few shows and enjoying takeout pizza.

Netflix and literally chill has never sounded so good!

BonusFinder Binge Watcher

BonusFinder, a casino review site, is no stranger to delicious gig work. In the past, the company has hired cheeseburger, ice cream, candy, and pumpkin pie testers. Since National Pizza Day is February 9th, it’s no wonder the company decided to honor the holiday with a paid pizza-eating job.

BonusFinder is actually hiring two binge-watchers: one from the U.S./Canada, and another from abroad. Typically the company restricts hiring to within North America but created a second position after generating tons of international interest. So while there are no geographic restrictions, applicants need to be at least 21 years old.

Where you buy the pizza is up to you, but BonusFinder has some rules about your streaming. You’ll need to watch and review three shows, rating each on its plot, acting, and general watchability. BonusFinder has a list of 11 Netflix originals suggested, but you can choose any three shows you like.

In addition to the TV reviews, you’ll also need to double as a food critic. BonusFinder also wants the winner to review their pizza taste, texture, cheesiness, and value.

The application closes at 9 pm EST on February 12. To apply, simply include your name, email, home state, and a brief explanation of why you want the role. BonusFinder says that creativity counts, so make your entry as unique as possible!

Good luck!

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