Millionaire Entrepreneur Wants a Personal Travel Photographer – $55K Salary & No Experience Needed

Facebook: Matthew Lepre

If you have any interest in photography and travel, you might as well throw your hat into the ring to try for this dream role that millionaire entrepreneur, Matthew Lepre, announced on his personal Instagram.

He’s the founder of Ecom Warrior Academy and is looking for someone to travel with him, and take his pictures for the ‘Gram and any social media.

No experience is necessary and all you need is a smartphone.

Of course, this means the competition pool just increased by a lot but the chance to travel all expenses paid, earn a full $55,000 salary and you get to bring a friend with you (also all expenses paid), is an extremely rare opportunity.

To apply is pretty simple:

While he says no experience is necessary, it’d still be super helpful if you naturally have a good eye for what makes a good shot. For instance, composition, how you’re framing the photo, and definitely, no blurry pics.

The winner will be announced May 31st, 2020 but get your entry in now, since there’s always a chance he could end it sooner due to the number of applications rolling in!