How Turn Your iOS Screen Time Data Into Cash


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You’re already on your phone right now so why not get paid for it? You can definitely turn your screen time into cash and this free app will hook it up.

What is MSR?

Share information on how you use your smartphone and get rewarded with the MSR app developed by Measure Protocol.

MSR uses simple “video tasks” instead of boring surveys. A 2-minute video task pays out as much as an average 20-minute survey on other platforms. It’s definitely easier on your time.

Free Gift Cards

You’ll earn points and redeem free gift cards from 40+ brands including Amazon, VISA, and more. Or you can earn straight cash via PayPal. Plus, it’s free to join!

Within the first 4 weeks, members have earned more than $20 in rewards with minimal effort. There are also surveys and other earning opportunities available.

For extra rewards, refer friends to earn 20% of everything they get for passive earning!