Nine Million Americans Didn’t Get Their Stimulus Check, But They Have Another Chance

Stimulus check on top of twenty dollar bills

As part of the CARES Act, the U.S. government sent stimulus checks to roughly 200 million Americans. The process wasn’t perfect, but nevertheless the IRS pulled off an incredibly difficult task on short notice. However, six months after the CARES Act was signed, some people have yet to get their stimulus checks.

Roughly 9 million Americans that qualified for a check never got one. The IRS is making one final push to contact them and get their relief squared away. If you never got your stimulus check, here’s how you can guarantee you get the money by year’s end.

Securing Stimulus Payments

There are a few reasons a person might not have gotten a stimulus check yet. The majority of outstanding checks are for people who don’t file taxes, either because of income, social security, etc. Since the IRS doesn’t have information on hand for non-filers, the agency is planning to mail letters to those 9 million people that missed out on stimulus but may still be eligible. If you receive a letter, you should immediately go to and submit your information. As of now, the deadline is October 15th for non-filers to register.

Since rolling out initial payments, the IRS has been diligent about following up with individuals and families that may not have gotten payments. For instance, if you never got an additional $500 per dependent child, you can still register to have that fixed as well.

If you didn’t file taxes in 2018 or 2019 and never got a stimulus check, the IRS may be mailing you a letter soon. As long as you follow the instructions from the service, you should have your stimulus money by no later than the end of the year!