Piñata Review: The World’s First App That Pays You For Being a Renter

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Another month, another rent payment is due. That’s the non-negotiable status quo. But what if you could get something in return for your monthly rent payments?

We’re not talking about paying rent on credit cards to rack up rewards points. That tends to have such high processing fees it can negate any potential earnings.

We’re talking about Piñata, the world’s first app that pays you every month just for being a renter! And it’s completely free to join. Learn more in this Pinata review!

What is Pinata?

Piñata is the first free rewards and credit building program for renters.

Just log in to the app each month and earn rewards and discounts! Plus, you can opt into free credit reporting, which can boost your credit score (with an average increase of 42 points).

Every month, you get $20 Piñata Cash, which can then be saved and redeemed for free gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, The Container Store, Class Pass, and more.

To make things even better, they have a deals marketplace that can save members over $4,500 a year. With over 300K+ deals (with popular retailers like Macy’s, Costco, GrubHub, etc.), you’ll save even more money on top of your rewards!

How to Get Started

It’s simple.

  1. Download Piñata and create your free account.
  2. Input your rent day information; no verification process needed!
  3. Get a welcome bonus of $20 Piñata Cash and a $30 gift card!
  4. Log in to the app each month, shop, and play games to earn more Piñata Cash!
  5. Redeem the Piñata Cash for gift cards and goodies.

You can also build your credit for free! Just connect your bank in the app to automatically send your monthly rent payments to TransUnion, one of the three major credit bureaus.

Is Piñata Legit? 

It’s the real deal, and we’re glad to be highlighting it in this Pinata review.

Piñata has a 4.5 rating on both the App and Google Play store and has been featured in Forbes and Yahoo! Finance.

They make money through partnerships with landlords and brands.

Piñata even gives to charity for you! They buy a meal for someone in need on your behalf every rent day through their partnership with No Kid Hungry and Grace Marketplace. You can also nominate any renter in need (including yourself) and each month, they’ll select a recipient for $1,000 of rent relief!

The Bottom Line

There are reward programs for practically everything, so why not for paying rent? Almost 11.4 million Americans spend more than 50% of their income on rent, so anything to get a return on one of the biggest recurring expenses just makes sense.

Plus, Piñata is completely free to use! Download to start earning rewards and build your credit score just for being a renter.

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