PlaytestCloud Review: Is This Site Worth Your Time?

Do you love spending hours playing games? PlaytestCloud emerges as a unique platform where you can discover new ones! Even if you’re not a hardcore gamer, you can participate.

The gaming industry moves fast, so gaming companies are always looking for ways to make their games better for everyone, so being a playtester isn’t about being an expert.

With this site, you can provide these companies with valuable feedback they’re looking for in exchange for some cold, hard cash.

But is it worth signing up for?

Our guide walks you through PlaytestCloud’s details to determine if it’s a side hustle you should look into.

What Is PlaytestCloud?

Founded in 2014, PlaytestCloud aims to help game studios enhance player experience and reduce churn rates. The service is extensively used by roughly 45% of the top 100 App Store games, making it a trusted platform in the gaming world. It also stands out by conducting various playtests at any development stage, from prototyping to post-release. So far, they have over a million testers and did over 3,000 playtests in 2022 alone!

How To Make Money With PlaytestCloud

Making money with PlaytestCloud is straightforward.

After you sign up, you’ll receive invites to play games and give feedback after each one. The more detailed it is, the more you help game developers understand user experience and make necessary adjustments.

Aside from gaming, you may get the occasional invite to a standalone paid survey, similar to what you see on other survey sites.

You’ll get paid if the company approves your test or survey feedback.

Payment for each test varies, but it generally depends on the length and complexity of the test. It’s a perfect gig for those who love gaming and want to earn some extra cash.

Is PlaytestCloud Legit?

If you’re worried about being scammed, there’s nothing to worry about with this platform.

It’s a legitimate service many game studios use to improve their products. The fact that it’s been operational since 2014 and has worked with top-grossing games also boosts its credibility.

Furthermore, many users who use the site seem to love their experience:

“I signed up for PlaytestCloud 16 days ago and have already made a lot of money. You literally play games, then say your thoughts and opinions. It’s that easy,” says Mats Susrud Vassbotten from Trustpilot.

How to Sign Up

Signing up for PlaytestCloud is a breeze. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit their website and fill out a registration form with personal information, gaming preferences, and devices you own.
  2. After registration, you’ll undergo a qualification test to assess your suitability as a tester.
  3. Once approved, you’re all set to receive invitations to participate in playtests!

Parents can even add their child(ren) to their account to be considered for game tests targeting younger players!

PlaytestCloud: Pros And Cons


  • It pays you to play and test new games, perfect if you’re an avid gamer or are interested in it
  • A lot of flexibility for when you participate in tests
  • Opportunities to try out different gaming genres and styles
  • Your feedback contributes to developing better games for everyone to play


  • The earning potential isn’t as high as other side gigs
  • Some tests might have specific requirements

The Bottom Line

PlaytestCloud is certainly worth considering if you’re looking for a fun way to earn money. You have a unique opportunity to play new games, provide valuable feedback, and get paid.

Remember that, like most other testing sites, it won’t replace a full-time job.

However, if you’re only planning on doing it in your free time, it’s rewarding to make a little extra on the side.

Ready to start trying out new games in the market? Sign up for PlaytestCloud and start earning today!

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