Free Guac & More With Chipotle’s No Quitters Day Challenge

Did you know that the second Friday in January is labeled “Quitter’s Day” because 80% of people who made New Year’s resolutions quit by that day? This extensive research was made by Strava in 2019, a social network for people to keep track of their physical activity. If your wellness goals are heading in that downward trajectory, read on.

Strava and Chipotle have teamed up for a “No Quitter’s Day” national challenge open to members on the Strava site as well as users of the Chipotle app. It starts January 12th, and here’s what you need to know.

How to Get Free Chipotle This Month

There are multiple parts to the challenge you can participate in, and you can take part in all or choose your preference.

No Quitters Day: Chipotle is rebranding January 12th as “No Quitters Day,” and the first 30,000 Chipotle Rewards members who order a Lifestyle Bowl on the app or Chipotle website on that day will get a free Lifestyle Bowl offer in their rewards account to be redeemed the following week! Essentially, it’s a buy one, get one free, one week later promotion.

There are seven Lifestyle Bowl options to choose from clearly labeled with Whole30®, keto, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian, so you can easily stick to healthy habits and not have to guess what will work best for your diet. These bowls are only available via the app or website!

$0 Delivery Fee Offer: For the rest of this January, Chipotle won’t charge delivery fees as long as your minimum $10 order includes at least one Lifestyle Bowl, excluding taxes and fees.

No Quitters Challenge on Strava: Starting January 15 until January 28, just complete 2 days of activity per week for 2 weeks (minimum 20 minutes per activity) and get a chance to win free guac. The first 75,000 people to redeem the code sent after the challenge will get the free side! Join the challenge here on Strava and utilize the physical activity you were already going to do for that hand-mashed fresh guac.

This is the first time a restaurant brand has teamed up with Strava for a custom challenge, so if you’re already a Strava member, be sure to join!

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