Puzzlers Love These 5 iOS Games to Make Money From

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You’re in the right place if you gravitate towards puzzle games on your phone.

Swipe, crush, match, or roll—we’ve got five iPhone games that puzzlers enjoy and use to earn extra money from. Yes, have fun while getting some side cash. The best of both worlds!

Even without the additional money element, we think these games would be enjoyable enough on their own. Let’s get started.

1. Earn Money Popping Bubbles

An Android using the Bubblecash app

First up is Bubble Cash, where you match 3 bubbles of the same color until you clear the board. This game is frequently ranked within the Top 10 in the App Store with a 4.6/5 ⭐ rating with over 120K+ reviews!

Win free cash when you collect enough gems to enter practice tournaments, then win MORE when you enter the higher stakes tournaments (there’s a small entry fee for the bigger tournaments).

“Finally, a game that isn’t a scam! I won $71 yesterday on Sunday, and today on Monday, it was already in my Paypal” – Mzmari

Play for free now, and then switch to cash games to increase your winnings whenever you want. Obviously, this won’t make you rich, but 100% worth it compared to other games that don’t pay.

2. Play Fun Word Puzzles To Get Paid 

Stimulate your brain by playing word puzzles on Words to Win, a free-to-play game where you can win cash rewards through beautiful levels modeled after vacation spots like Australia, Mexico, Hawaii, and more.

It’s simple. Create words out of the letters given and complete the crossword puzzle board. You’ll then earn coins to redeem for instant win scratchers, prize wheels, and sweepstakes up to $500!

There’s no stressful countdown timer per game, and you can cash out via PayPal when you reach $7. Tracy T. said: “Best game ever! This is my daily relaxing game, and it really pays and cashes out.”

Download now and play for free to start winning cash.

3. Get Paid Playing Match 3 Games

Puzzle game lovers will love Match to Win, a free-to-play game where you can win cash rewards through 300+ exciting levels. Redeem free chances to win REAL money on a daily and monthly basis. You can also win up to $2,500 instantly!

Yes, it’s legit – there are already over 277K reviews with a 4.5 average rating!

“I love the fact that you don’t have to purchase anything to win! Also, each level is different, so it doesn’t get monotonous! – Noelle Belmore

Play anytime you want, and you never have to spend any money to enjoy the game. Cash out via PayPal when you reach $7. So download and play for free to start winning cash!

4. Turn Bingo Skills into Dollar Bills

Bingo Cash is a free-to-play modern version of the classic game, but you can win cash from your phone. The game has an App Store rating of 4.7 ⭐ and is currently ranked #3!

No luck is involved; it’s just speed and precise tapping of the right numbers on the board! Each game only takes 2 minutes, and everyone gets the same card and numbers, so it’s fair play. Finish among the top 3 winners and win gems or cash! You won’t get rich, but it can be consistent extra money you didn’t have before.

“Legit, and the cash out process is fast!” -CanosRUs

If you participate in cash tournaments, you can win up to $83 PER game. These typically have small entry fees, so practice first!

5. Play Spades to Win Cash

Spades Cash is a new type of Spades game where you play in solo mode and enter 1v1 or multiplayer tournaments to win cash and real prizes. Everyone gets dealt the same game board, but your skills and completion time determine the winner.

You’ll automatically get matched with other players who are on the same level, so games are fair. Avoid losing points by making accurate bids at the beginning of each game!

Practice makes perfect, so play the practice rounds and then play the cash tournaments when ready!

Additional Ways to Earn Cash

Here are some alternatives when you want to take a break from all that puzzle gaming.

  • Freecash: With over 14,500 offers available, you have plenty of options to make money from on this popular platform that already has millions of members. It’s free to join, and users have earned over $50M since 2020!
  • Test’em All: This free iOS app rewards your opinions through surveys, fun games, and in-store evaluations of Walmart, Home Depot, Subway, and more. Payouts can be as early as 75 cents through PayPal, or choose from their popular gift card options.
  • Inbox Dollars: One of the most trusted survey sites as they’ve been around since 2000! Take surveys, watch videos, play games, and even read emails for extra cash. Also free to join!

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of creative plays to make some extra cash to help supplement your primary income.

When you have some downtime or are waiting in line, instead of mindlessly scrolling on your phone, have a go at these games or platforms that reward you!

It all adds up to meaningful amounts, little by little, but at least you’ll have fun while doing it.

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