Try This 14-Day Quarantine Challenge for a Money Boost

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Give yourself a pat on the back for being an unlikely hero by staying safer at home. It may not feel like you’re doing much, but you’re definitely helping the frontline of medical personnel.

But with at least another month or more of the same home schedule, you might be looking into other ways to be productive. (Even though it’s entirely OK to relax whenever you need!)

So when you’re ready to be more proactive, especially in your finances, try this quarantine challenge that we’ve put together that mixes a variety of making money, saving money, and some health rewards to help give you a money boost.

Take it day by day or complete multiple in a day, it’s up to you!

Day 12: Take Advantage of Free Stuff During Quarantine

When you’re going a little (ok, maybe a lot) stir-crazy at home, take advantage of the free entertainment, education, virtual field trips, workouts and more that are being offered by companies online.

We compiled a list here that can help your family pass the time quicker and have more fun doing it too. There’s enough activity to last throughout the month!

Day 3: Keep Calm and Invest in Gold - Starting with Just $5

Yes, the COVID-19 news that’s bombarding your feed can be scary. In addition to the Fed cutting interest rates and events getting banned, you might not even think about investing.

But it’s actually the time to start if you haven’t already. How about investing in a material that’s been around since ancient times? Yep, gold.

There’s a reason why people buy gold (coins, bricks, etc) because it tends to shine whenever there’s political, economic, or financial unrest.

But there’s an easier way to invest in gold, digitally, via Stash, a microinvesting app that lets you invest with as little as $5 and takes less than 2 minutes to get started. They’ll even give you $10 to start investing.

They offer thousands of investments which include stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (“All That Glitters” is the gold ETF). You’ll get to choose where to put your money based on things like your personal beliefs, interests, and goals. Their newest feature, Stock-BackⓇ rewards1 lets you invest in brands you spend on with the Stash debit card.2 Purchased something at Amazon? Earn Amazon stock rewards. It’s like cash back but with stock!

Since paper money loses value over time, consider investing in gold, which is obviously popular as jewelry but is also widely used in dentistry and industrial electronics!

Day 5: Apply to Protect Your Income When You’re Too Sick or Injured to Work

The coronavirus pandemic has added a great deal of uncertainty to everyday life. One way to financially prepare for the unexpected is to protect your income from serious illnesses.

The best time to prepare is when you’re healthy. Yes, you’re taking the precautions and practicing social distancing. But what happens when your state decides to re-open and life resumes? There are still chances to get sick as there’s no vaccine currently. Plus, those who recover from COVID-19 may be at a greater risk for long-term health issues.

That’s why disability insurance is recommended. You need it if you rely on your source of income to live life. This is especially true if you have loved ones who financially depend on you.

Disability insurance isn’t just for injuries. In fact, illnesses (including mental health issues, such as depression) represent 90%* of long-term disability claims.

To make coverage more accessible and affordable, Breeze has built the first fully online disability insurance product. Answer some quick questions to get a rate in a matter of seconds. You can then choose your benefit period (most disabilities average 2 years) and complete a 15-minute online application.

If you’re approved for coverage, you’ll receive disability insurance benefits paid if you can’t work to make up for lost income. Plans start at $9/month* and benefit amounts range from $500 to $20,000.

It’s free to check out rates and you can apply online. Give yourself peace of mind, especially in these troubling times!

Day 8: Earn $200 Binging on Food, Entertainment, Health & Tech News TV

I can barely cook but I love watching food videos. The new season of Ugly Delicious? I’m there.

If you’re a video junkie too, become an Inbox Dollars member where you can watch their TV and Videos section that ranges from Trending News, Entertainment, Food, Health, Tech, and even the latest World News to earn some cash. You’ll also get $5 as a sign-up bonus too!

They set it up in playlists though and they’ll tell you how long it takes as it can range from a few minutes to half an hour. Tip: You can set it to Play, open up another browser tab and let the videos run while you continue doing something else if you’re multi-tasking!

Playlists and earning potential can change, but it’s possible to earn up to $200 a month, watching videos!

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