Review Cannabis Products and Get Paid Up to $36,000 a Year to Smoke Weed

I see your skeptical look. You might be scoffing too.

But this is actually a real gig.

American Marijuana, a New York-based online magazine, is looking for a Cannabis Product Reviewer to test products like new strains, vape, CBD supplements or oils, and edibles to give unbiased feedback.

Yes, you could be adding “Weed Critic” or “Professional Pothead” on your social resume if you’re age 18+ and live in a state (America or Canada) where medical marijuana is legal.

So what are you expected to do?

  • Test the products!
  • Keep a blog to write about your reviews and opinions
  • Create unboxing videos and explain what the products are
  • Share in-depth experiences on the before and after usage
  • Educate readers

Plus you have to be in good health to be able to continue doing reviews regularly.

If chosen, you’ll get a box of free products each month to test and in return you get paid $3,000 a month (aka $36,000 a year)!

They’re choosing the lucky person for this dream cannabis job on December 4, 2019, so get your application in early! Good luck!

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