Savology Review: Free Financial Planning For All

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Financial planning is a major step toward a stable financial future. It’s hard for anyone to handle their finances completely alone, but financial planners or advisors can be expensive to employ. How financially responsible can it be to spend $1,000 for an overview of your finances? That’s why Savology exists.

Savology is introducing financial planning for everyone who wants it. Here’s what you need to know in our Savology review.

What is Savology?

Savology is a 100% free online financial tool designed to give you a clear picture of your financial strengths and weaknesses. Getting started with Savology is simple and takes just a few minutes. You need to fill out some basic personal info, as well as some general financial information.

When you’re finished registering, you get a free financial plan and report card. Savology grades your retirement planning, income and savings, net worth, and outstanding debt and compiles those stats into an overall score.

With your report card, Savology also provides action steps you can take to improve your financial health. Savology lives up to its name, helping you study your saving habits and how to adjust for the future by giving details you may not have thought about.

Getting the Most Out of Savology

Savology is free to use, so even if you only get your report card it’s worth the five minutes. However, the real value of Savology is in the advice and action steps the app provides.

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The service is best used as if it’s a real financial advisor, just without the human touch. After you’ve submitted all your info, Savology presents your personalized financial plan in just five minutes. You’ll get a comprehensive look at your finances, and over time you can adjust your profile to see how your report card changes. Always shoot for straight A’s, but your main goal should be improving every time you log in.

You can also get more free expert advice via their blog which is filled with tips and strategies from financial planners.

What Others Are Saying Too

“I went to a financial advisor and got a book of a financial review. I never read it, but I took my advisor’s suggestions. Only later did I discover [Savology]. I got a much more digestible financial review, for free, with the same basic recommendations! I wish I’d known about this sooner. It’s way faster and easier, and still does a better job at helping me progress with my financial goals!” – Seth R.

“I appreciate so much this free financial planning resource. It’s amazing that you can plan out your future so easily and then track your progress towards your goals!” – Chelsie K.

“I’m pretty financially savvy, but it’s still hard to plan all my future finance stuff. I like that Savology tells me where I should focus my efforts without making me think too hard. Only took a couple of minutes to fill out. And it’s FREE. I LOVE free.” – Tyler S.

Savology Review Summary

Financial planning can be prohibitively expensive, but it’s a valuable service. Without comprehensive financial planning, it’s difficult to gauge exactly where you stand on your own. Savology gives more people access to financial advice (basically everyone), and in the long run, can help thousands properly prepare for retirement.

Since Savology is free to use, it’s worth your time to check it out. Even if your report card comes back sparkling, it can’t hurt to get a full sense of your finances.

We hope you found this Savology review useful!

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