Scrambly Review: Earn Up to $1,000 a Month?

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With groceries 30% higher than four years ago* and increased rent and bill costs, Americans are finding additional ways to earn extra money to help. While not a substitute for a full-time job, side hustles have been adopted by 50% of Americans (mainly Gen Z and Millennials) to supplement their primary income.

Let’s take a look at Scrambly, a GPT (get-paid-to) site that falls into the flexible, online side hustle category, and see if it’s right for you to add to your make-money list.

What is Scrambly?

Scrambly is a rewards platform where members can join for free to earn real money for completing tasks like playing games, installing/trying apps, filling out surveys, shopping, and more. They launched in 2022 and are headquartered in the EU,

As brands and developers want more eyes on their products, they pay Scrambly to use their platform to capture an audience. Scrambly then pays their members a “cut” to check out the brands they might be interested in, making them a middleman between brands and audiences.

It’s similar to how you get cash back from sites like Rakuten, where you get a cut from purchasing from one of their partners.

How to Make Money on Scrambly

When you sign up for Scrambly, $0.50 will be immediately added to your account. The minimum payout to withdraw cash starts at $1, so you’re already halfway there!

Fill out the profile survey so the platform knows what offers to handpick for you according to your preferences. This will help you get access to surveys, apps, and games tailored to your tastes.

When you want to see all the money-making opportunities on the site/app, head to your dashboard’s Earn & Save section, which is indicated by a moneybag icon. There, you can sort offers by iOS, Android, and Desktop. Each offer will indicate:

  • Reward Speed (slow, medium, fast)
  • Payout (ranges from $1-$300 per offer!)

Tip: In the upper right corner, tap the $ button to toggle “show in USD.” Otherwise, you’ll see points, which can make it confusing to determine what the offer is actually worth on Scrambly.

Game offers and tasks within each offer

As an example, when you tap into a game offer, regardless of whether it’s iOS or Android, you’ll see the payout earnings based on specific tasks for that game. This way, you’ll know clearly what milestones to go for if you have a specific $ in mind.

You’ll also be earning along the way naturally instead of having to speedrun through a game to get to the first payout.

Scrambly’s withdrawal options include:

  • PayPal
  • VISA (with 2% bonus)
  • Amazon e-gift card
  • Google Play e-gift card
  • Apple e-gift card
  • Spotify e-gift card
  • Walmart

Once you’ve completed your first withdrawal, you’ll get access to the premium content!

How much money you make depends on how much time you dedicate to the offers. Their site says earning up to $1,000 a month is possible, but even earning a few hundred dollars by trying new apps and games already sounds pretty reasonable to us!

Is Scrambly Legit?

Scrambly has an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on Trustpilot with over 3,000 reviews.

Positive comments revolve around:

  • Instant payouts
  • Fast support
  • No “hoop jumping” to earn money
  • Lots of cash out/withdrawal options
  • Earning a lot quicker than other platforms

I was skeptical at first because most of these apps that promised money you never get it, and if you do, you have to jump through a million hoops to get a dollar or two. Today, I just cashed out $20.60, and I’ve only been signed up for less than a week. So I’d definitely give this five stars. Easy to use. Easy to navigate. Easy to make a little extra money. – Karen M. (Trustpilot)

Note that you’ll need to perform a one-time identity verification with your first payout request, which will take a few minutes. It includes taking a selfie and a picture of your ID (like a driver’s license), which verifies that you’re a real person claiming the money.

After this one-time verification on Scrambly, it’ll be an instant payout anytime you request a withdrawal!

Scrambly: Pros and Cons

As with any platform, there are bound to be pros and cons.


  • Cash out with as little as $1 + instant payouts
  • Wide variety of payment options to choose from
  • No limit to withdrawals
  • Transparent information on earning potential
  • Earn 10% of your referrals’ earnings for life


  • There are mostly game offers
  • Depending on what phone you have, some offers may pay more by OS
  • You might need to take screenshots of progress in case it doesn’t track properly

The Bottom Line

Scrambly is one of the newer reward platforms to enter the chat, but it already has a great reputation for fast payouts and positive earning potential.

The minimum cash out of $1 is lower than the competition, and there’s no limit to how much you can withdraw. If you enjoy playing games in your spare time, you might as well earn some side money! Their transparent lists of how much you can earn and at what point make it easy to follow and strive for.

You won’t have a hard time finding something that interests you on this platform, so try Scrambly out for free!

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