5 Simple Apps That Pay You To Text

Do you love keeping in touch with your closest friends and loved ones throughout the day? It’s always nice to update everyone with what you’re up to.

But what if I told you that you could be doing the same thing but earning some extra cash? Dozens of apps are willing to pay you for sending and receiving simple texts.

Ready to start earning through your phone? Here are a few awesome texting apps you should try!

1. 25Clicks

25Clicks is a platform that pays you to do one micro-task daily and pays you $0.50 for each one you complete. Each task is sent to you by text, and you have up to six days to complete it. After you get the “success” text when you complete the website’s assigned task, the site sends you anything you’ve earned every Friday via PayPal.

25Clicks won’t replace your primary income, as average monthly earnings range between $5-15 each month. You can also earn $1 for each person you refer to the site. Overall, 25Clicks is legit and pays well for your time on each task.

2. McMoney

McMoney is an Android-only app dedicated to improving a user’s mobile experience. To make this happen, they send text messages to your phone to let mobile operators test their products. Like similar apps, McMoney will also pay you to refer new users to download the app.

Once the company’s message reaches you, you’ll get paid through PayPal every four weeks once you reach the minimum threshold. Each country also has its minimum withdrawal amount, and make sure to check the “earnings” page to see how much you need to make before you cash out.

3. MoneySMS

MoneySMS also lets you make money by receiving text messages on your phone from time to time. But what makes this app stand out is its referral program. When your friend downloads the app, you’ll receive a 30% commission on anything they earn.

Every message is worth €0.02, and payment automatically gets credited to your account once you receive the message successfully. The app’s minimum amount is set to €2, and once you reach the threshold, you can withdraw the money and send it to your PayPal account. MoneySMS is also safe to use and respects its users’ privacy. However, their country availability is mostly tied to Europe, Asia, Canada, and sometimes the United States.

4. SMSProfit

Like the previous two on this list, SMSProfit will send you automatic payments whenever you receive a text message. However, this app doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of sim cards you register. The more registered numbers you have, the higher your earning potential!

Each SMS can range from $0.01 to $0.06, depending on the company that messages you. Once you cross the earnings threshold, you can get paid via PayPal or Bitcoin in a few days.

5. 1Q

1Q is an app that pays you by answering simple survey questions sent to your phone. Whenever you get selected, you’ll receive a text or app notification notifying you about the question. You’ll get paid immediately after you reply, and the money will go to your PayPal account.

1Q pays an average of $0.25 to $0.50 for each question you answer. You can also get $0.25 for each person you refer. The app is also partnered with numerous charities nationwide if you want to donate your earnings to a greater cause instead.

The Bottom Line

There are many apps and websites out there that give out thousands of dollars each year to people willing to help them out with market research. Whether answering simple questions or receiving an SMS, they offer a way to make a few dollars on the side without much effort.
Keep in mind that these sites aren’t meant to replace your main source of income. If you’re looking for other ways to make money, check out these side hustles you can start right now!