Solitaire Cube App Review: Win Cash by Playing a Classic Game Re-imagined

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Play a classic Solitaire game and earn actual cash from it. That’s the gist of Solitaire Cube: it’s a fun way to gain a little side money!

Let’s go over how you can start earning, too. 

What is Solitaire Cube?

Solitaire Cube is like regular Solitaire but faster to play, and you’re competing against other people online for a few minutes at a time.

Since it’s played on the phone, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of setting up the cards or wasting gas for the nearest casino machines. You just need to download Solitaire Cube to your phone, and you’re good to go.

The game is developed by Tether Studios, but the game is powered by Skillz, an eSports platform that manages the reward and cash prize element that makes this game exciting.

How Does Solitaire Cube Work?

The game matches players who have similar skills with other players in real-time and around the world.

That way, when you’re starting out, you’re not playing against more skilled players that can overpower you. This method keeps it fair, fun and accomplished-based.

Like regular Solitaire, you’re trying to make rows of ascending cards.

But Solitaire Cube makes it more fast-paced by keeping it on a 3-minute timer, and the cards don’t have to be the same suit unless you’re building the Ace card foundation.

You can also end the game at any time, which could grant you bonus points, especially when the game already knows if you have more available moves to make or not.

There are two ways to play:

  • Practice League: This is straightforward. You can play as many free matches as you want to practice building up your skills. You’re rewarded with Z Coins, virtual currency to play more matches, and Ticketz, which can be redeemed for tangible prizes from swag all the way up to a brand new car, like a Porsche Boxter! (This takes an extremely long time to accumulate, though)
  • Pro League: This is where the real cash is. You can start playing in cash tournaments against other players when you deposit money.

You can cash out anytime by simply connecting your PayPal account. This ensures your money is safely protected and easy to access.

Can You Really Win Money? Is Solitaire Cube Legit?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: You can play for free in the Practice League, but it takes much longer to reap the rewards.

In order to begin winning money for your Solitaire Cube efforts, it’s beneficial to make a small deposit so you can begin winning larger amounts of cash in the Pro League. The minimum deposit amount is $10, and the app accepts PayPal, credit cards, and Apple Pay.

Some members of Solitaire Cube, such as Katie N. have won as much as $380,980. That’s a huge chunk of cash! But even casual players like Amanda, a stay-at-home mom from IL, won a 55″ TV, $6,000, and more prizes.

Is Solitaire Cube Available for Everyone?

The following states will not be able to enter cash tournaments: AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, IL, IN, LA, MD, ME, MT, SC, SD, and TN, but they can still play in the Head to Head games for pretty awesome prizes!

Is Solitaire Cube Worth Your Time?

If you enjoy playing quick card games that stimulate your brain and allow you to cash out, give Solitaire Cube a shot.